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  1. You've been offering the best of advice. Thanks so much

    1. theratypist


      Glad to help. I genuinely wish you success. You have the skills 🙂

  2. Do you actually need to have done some work on Fiverr before a buyer will believe in you because I've 10 years experience as a content, copy and academic writer and geography teacher. I've worked on other platforms and have taught for 6 years. So, buyers shouldn't look at a new sellers profile to see previous works before buying a gig. Period!😊
  3. Seriously. I've got pains all over my back and eyes because I am always online hoping a client clicks on my gig. It's just funny but I guess we all had such experiences. 😀
  4. That's a funny response. I am also always online at least 28nhours a day looking for clients and sharing my gigs, though with no progress
  5. Definitely, I will try my best as I have been doing over the past few months. I always share my gigs on LinkedIn and even Facebook with little success so far. What methods did you use? How did you succeed?
  6. Hi. I am Chukwu Chris I joined this great platform for over 4 months without having the opportunity to undertake any project so far. The fact is that I have lots of in-demand skills and gig with high gig impressions but no purchase so far. I really need every bit of advice and suggestions on how best to meet the right clients and sell my gigs. Let me know what you think, please.
  7. Hi. I think I should be asking same question because it's been over 4 months I joined Fiverr but I haven't taken any contract. Can someone please advice me on how best to reach the right customers and offer them my services. Thanks.
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