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  1. newsmike 

    he doesn't have an manner to help an person who is new at fiverr and doesn't known about fiverr criteria.  He just know how to teas other person I recommend him to avoid from such wild goose chase 

    1. newsmike


      Hamzaime is like a needy child who wants others to do everything for him. He pleads for us to make him successful, even though he has no skills and can't communicate in English. Avoid this scammer. He claims to have a staff of "roughly 3" people. 🤣

  2. O really kindly don ;t make laugh about my gig description guide me if you can otherwise you do not have an right to make laugh and dishurt any new fellow with your comments If you have such a skills so please show me and write an gig description template
  3. Hi Fiverr Fellows, Please visit my gig and suggest me if any improvement needed
  4. Hi Fiverr , Can anyone write an effective gig description of LOGO design for my gig I have also write an gig but I want an optimize gig which can easily rank kindly need some help
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