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  1. Give me some real instruction, how to send effective buyer request? I am sending the best buyer requests, but i am not getting job.
  2. After 20 days, i have got the first order on Fiverr. It was a project of 1000 email collection and set up a campaign. The project was of $40. Its good news. But bad news is it, i am not good to send buyer request, i mean my buyer request quality is not good but i am expert with my service. Suggest me which technique can i use to improve my applications? Thanks Salim
  3. Your rating is under 90%. As a new seller, you have to get 5 star positive rating form buyer, then you will be able to send buyer request again. Otherwise, you can't send buyer request.
  4. Actually, i am not new here! But my profile is new here. I think its good. Please anyone can check my profile? And give me some strong suggestions to send proper buyer requests! I will be so pleasured to you.
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