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  1. Somebody used my gig image and added his name for watermark and make a small change, so if I report his gig will it affect his gig ?
  2. Hey, can you tell me the correct size of the gig image? I had used 1100*740 (2x of Fiverr minimum size for better quality) but the image becomes Flattened in the search result. which size should I use now? some people are recommending me 690*426 and 1600 × 1076. which size should I use? I am waiting for your valuable advice.
  3. Is this a new update from fiverr and what does this mean ?
  4. Yeah, but habit is habit 😅
  5. Yeah it had became a habit for me from a long time, but as you said it is wrong so from now i will try to change this habit and thanks for the advise. 😇
  6. I apologies from both of you if I had make any mistake @visualstudios @newsmike I will sure apply what you had suggested me and thanks for your valuable time 🤗
  7. Ok I will sure apply what you and visualstudios had said Thanks for your time
  8. It had became a habit for me sorry for that
  9. Sorry I Didn't Know That I Though, I Can Get Help From Others
  10. I Had Made It, That Voice Over Is From An Paid Tool By The Way Thanks For You Suggestions
  11. You Are Also Using Video Can You Check My Gig ?
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