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  1. Of course you can. But it will be wise decision that if you publish it different day. However read TOC of Fiverr again and again.
  2. Of course. But you should use trending hashtag for it. You can post is 3 or 4 times per week. Just use different banner. Try to connect targeted people in LinkedIn. Both social media is powerful but you have to know the method and strategy. Thanks.
  3. Welcome to Fiverr forum. To see Your analytics you have to go dashboard then you will see some option at the top of the page. Here you will Gigs then click it. It will show your analytics.
  4. Promote your gig on different social media sites without Pinterest. LinkedIn must. Join the different groups on social media which group are related to your gig. Use the main keyword in your gig several times. And try to stay online right time. Just focus on your keyword and use it more and more ( not more than 3 times) and make your gig simple but eye catchy.
  5. Don't worry about it. Gig impression is not more important than click. You can promote your gig through social media. Twitter is more effective for it. Just try to find out the Trending hashtag and use it. Try to active in online. Before sending your request, check the profile of buyers. Try to sent 10 request everyday. Thanks.
  6. This is not only your problem. It may happen sometimes just try to stay online.
  7. At first thanks to you for your reply. Actually I have learned it but any how I did not get response. If any suggestion please give me.
  8. How Can I Promote my gig? Which time is perfect for buyer request?
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