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  1. What do you mean by "successful seller"? Do you mean getting more orders or getting better reviews?
  2. I've heard people say they learned English by singing songs in English and Karaoke. You may want to buy a Karaoke machine off Amazon or Ebay sing the songs while looking at the words and you get to hear them pronounced.
  3. Sorry guys, but I'm a bit talkative right now. I've just finished changing my gigs, again. I've had them up for around a month now and all I've gotten are spam messages. I do see where they are starting to get more impressions so I'm just trying to be patient. Going through this makes me regret deleting my accounts - twice. I started getting business from Facebook groups which was paying me way more than Fiverr so I deleted my accounts. I reached 2 seller level both times. I used to be so overwhelmed. I was one of the first one who started offering FB ads. I used to do it for $5 for a very long time. I also wrote about pages that I loved. The down side was people would order, but never send their information to me. Eventually, I would have to cancel. This used to frustrate the heck out of me! At any rate, I'm back here bc I hate the marketing and some of the other things I have to be responsible for as a business owner. I prefer giving my 20% and letting Fiverr handle things for me. With all of the growth that I see here, I wonder how will Fiverr be able to cater to all of its sellers.
  4. Hi guys, Does it every get really chatty in here? Long time ago I used to sell here on Fiverr. We all met up on Linkedin back then (don't know why). I really enjoyed the conversations I would have with all the participants and how we helped one another. I hope to find that here. - How long have some of you been selling on the platform? - Do you love it? - What type of gigs do you have?
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