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  1. Hi there, I haven't received it yet. Thanks
  2. Hi there, Make your gig professional & attractive. try to active more & more time in Fiverr. send buyer request every day Thanks
  3. Thank you very much. This is very helpful information
  4. Don't copy other gig tittle but follow others gig that have on first page.
  5. Share your gig link facebook, instragram, twitter etc other social site and send everyday effective buyer request maximum 8/10.
  6. Hi there, Try to stay active at all times. Send effective buyer requests 8/10 every day Thanks
  7. Hi there, you can take the test. It is better to give an exam. Thanks
  8. Hi there, Work can be done at low cost and a lot of hard work. Thanks
  9. Hi there, Gig loses rank if you want to change or remove gig image. So you can take their help by talking to support. Thanks
  10. Hi, The reason for being active online. got my first order. Thanks
  11. gig link share social media and properly send buyer request everyday maximum 10
  12. gig link share social media and properly send buyer request everyday maximum 8/10
  13. Hi there, Very good quality work can be done for less money. Those who are new but skilled. Thanks
  14. Hi there, Too bad that's going on Thanks
  15. Hi there, Welcome to Fiverr forum. I think your gig is in the right and perfect. Keep sharing your gig on twitter, Facebook, Instagram. Best Of Luck Thanks
  16. Hi there, You can work with both Seller or Buyer with one account Thanks
  17. Congratulations Best Of Luck
  18. Hi there, More and more active and send regular 10 buyer requests properly Thanks
  19. Hi there. The cause of the epidemic is having a bad effect. Hope everything goes well as soon as possible Thanks
  20. How to make a complete gig. Do some research on it. Then Gig publishes. Hopefully, the problem will be fixed. And if it is not right, you can talk in support
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