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  1. 1. Use high-quality photos that show your product well. 2. Offer something unique or different from what other sellers are offering. 3. Be honest and trustworthy with buyers about delivery times and any potential problems. 4. Have good communication skills so customers know they're dealing with someone who cares. 5. Make sure your gigs have clear instructions and descriptions. 6. Don't over-promise and under-deliver. 7. Keep track of all orders, and Don't be late for the delivery. 8. Set up automatic reminders for delivery deadlines approach. 9. Always be willing to negotiate prices with buyers. 10. Treat every customer like royalty by providing excellent service and support.
  2. My gig's impression and click is absolutely down. What can I do now?
  3. How to do gig marketing to increase impressions and clicks.
  4. Understand well what the buyer wants and answer. And express your qualifications.
  5. It is better not to do that
  6. I need it myself. Because I'm a new seller
  7. Why do my gigs decrease clicks and impressions? Can anyone help me?
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