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  1. We often have problems with bids or getting jobs. Sometimes we have trouble understanding them, sometimes we have trouble understanding them. Sometimes it is seen that the requirements do not match after getting the job. Fraud is spread all over the world. You will not meet buyers directly on freelancing sites. In that case, understanding the psychology of the unseen client is also a difficult task. There are many people who offer such low bids to get a job, if they can, it can be called free. Don't go for less that your full potential. Because the buyer's attitude towards you may be different. So below are some important job bidding strategies discussed. A) Read and understand the description of the job for which you will bid. There are many who apply for jobs without reading the job postings completely. This is very bad because there are many buyers who are asked to write a particular word or line in any part of the letter while writing the cover letter. Otherwise they automatically reject that application. So just read the job posting completely and apply. B) Bid on the work that has not been bid more, the chances of getting a job will increase a lot. If your profile is new, then you have to follow this rule well. Now the question is why I will bid where the bid has not been read? You think a little with yourself. When you go to a market, if the first store has a fairly good dress, it seems to you that it is the best design. That's why you buy. However, on the way back after buying the dress, you may see another better dress. It may be a pity for that. So when you first bid, your profile is new, but just by creating a good profile according to the above rules, the client may think that he has found the best person to work with. That's why you have the possibility to work. But if many people bid, the buyer will have the opportunity to compare your profile with all the profiles. Then the client may not like your profile compared to others. C) Try to stay online too much, so that if the client gives you a message for any reason, it is not too late to reply. D) Before bidding, you must check the profile of the client. Things to note when checking client profiles: - Whether the client's payment method is verified. - How many hours has the client worked so far? - If the client has done the type of work you are bidding for before, you will notice how much it has been rated. He will bid accordingly. Copy - web academy
  2. Creating a specific schedule: To build yourself up as a skilled freelancer you first need to set a specific time to learn and do the job. The mentality of working hard: There is no substitute for hard work in the freelancing world. From learning to work to working, you have to work hard at all stages of establishing yourself. So make yourself that way. Stick to the end: In the case of freelancing, you can never tell when success will come. So to get the job you have to wait patiently and try in the end. Money or skill development: From the beginning, you should focus on developing your skills without running after money. Money will run after you as skills increase. So be patient. Create a profile: The prerequisite for being a good quality freelancer is to create a good profile. Because you can't reach the client but your profile will work for you. So focus on increasing the value of the profile. Branding: An American client but does not know or know you. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Increase participation on various social sites, present yourself properly.
  3. Planning to start working on FIVERR? Started a new job in FIVERR? Then this post is for you. Many people face many problems when they are new to FIVERR and many people do not know the hidden rules in FIVERR. Today I will highlight the points that can work long hours on FIVERR if adhered to. 1. At the beginning of the FIVERR profile: Open the FIVERR profile in his name and if you have a voter ID or passport, verify it with the profile. You can read the verification at any time later. 2. If you come to work on FIVERR a lot of the time, then no two can be numbered on Fiverr. Gig on Fiverr as a product. The more attractive the product, the more it will sell. 3. Gig's image or dress on Fiverr can never be copied from anyone. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. Later one day you will see that after going a long way you will see that your gig has been removed. 3. Fiverr has removed gigs in many categories that fall into the category of illegal activities such as YouTube likes, subscriptions, reviews, etc. 4. You see, you can work, but if you can't get a client from any country to speak to them in their native language. So how do you do that? The same goes for English. It is very important to keep communication while working. If you do not understand the work, you will never be able to do the work. And you can't knock him once in a while to understand English. And Google Translate never gives 100% right output. So if you think you can't speak English. Then learn English for 2-3 months, at least even if you know English like communication. Keep following for Part 2.
  4. The freelancing profession is so popular these days that it can't be overstated. Even 3-4 years ago, 80% of people were not familiar with the word freelancing. And now if you look around me, you can see 2/3 freelancers. Earlier, there were less educated people and those who were less educated at that time used to do good quality jobs. In other words, there was a shortage of qualified people in the job market at that time, so there was no competition. But it will be seen if we think about this time. The number of educated unemployed in the world is more than the job market is not the same as before. Now there is qualified manpower but there is no desired employment. There is a lot of competition in this market now and one can only hope for a good job if one can match oneself differently from thousands of educated job seekers for a good job in this competition. Now come to freelancing! In the past, there were very few skilled people in the freelancing profession like in the job market, so the competition was fierce, and anyone who knew a little bit of work could make their place in the freelancing profession in a very short time. But now there are millions of freelancers like the job market but they are not getting jobs. So what do you understand as the reason? There are many workers but the amount of work is much less. Experienced freelancers also get the job they have. So what if we guys who are new freelancers don't get the job? Can't we succeed in the freelancing profession? The answer is yes, not both again. Let's come first without answering .. If you can't keep up with the times, you can't go too far. Again, it is not possible if you do not have the right guideline of freelancing, buyer demand, market value, updated work, etc. Let's come to the second answer with yes .. If you want, you can make a good place for yourself in the freelancing profession in a very short time. All you have to do for this, first you have to be updated with time, you have to learn good quality work over time, you have to follow proper guidelines. And the most important thing is: you must differentiate yourself from others. Then in a very short time you will see the face of success.
  5. It is shared from my personal experience. Why are you doing this? I wrote the word Fiverr in the pronunciation of my mother tongue!
  6. Hey , This is A.S.M Abdullah. I'm a digital marketing specialist with 3+ years of experience. I have gained lots of knowledge on Digital Marketing and I know the secret of Digital Marketing. I specialize in Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Marketing(SMM) & Advance Shopify Expert & More. Like Facebook Marketing and Ads, Instagram Marketing, Twitter Marketing, Pinterest Marketing, LinkedIn Marketing, Yahoo Ads, Bing Ads, YouTube Ads, & More. My more specialties are All Google Ads (Adwords) like Search Campaigns, Display Campaigns, Video Campaigns, Discovery Campaigns, Shopping Campaigns, App Marketing, Re-Marketing, Local Service Ads, Call Generating Ads, Lead Generations Ads, Sales Ads & Advance Shopify Expert & More. Therefore, I aim to build a successful online business for Buyer . Thank you. Regards A.S.M Abdullah
  7. I did not steal the writing. In fact, the spelling of Fiverr for writing too fast was wrong.
  8. How to optimize fiber profile will get you work faster Many people who know more or less work have been sitting with gigs for a long time by creating profiles on fiber. But I don't get any work. Let's try to give a clear guideline about that today. What we usually do is create a profile by watching some videos from somewhere with or without a course. I also give gig again. And then I dream of earning thousands of dollars. But it doesn't work. After spending two / three months like this, I say I will not have to. Or not like a training center. With these words I give up. But what is your mistake? Don't try to find it. Let's try to understand a simple thing. Almost everyone knows about the current job situation. That job cannot be guaranteed even after studying for 20-25 years. And there is no end to Tarahura to participate in international competitions. Again, many people think that income can be made sitting at home. The work seems very easy. I started today and became a millionaire overnight. I own thousands of dollars. That's not the point at all. We have to work much harder than we do for a job. The difference is that the hard work of the job is limited to the book. But the work that is done for freelancing is realistic and completely digital. That means all the work is done through computer skills. However, the category of one person may be different. But all freelancers have to be 100% proficient in computer skills. The test can be passed if you get 33 out of 100. A plus is available in the 70th pole. But in case of work here, you have to get 100 to 100 A. If there is any kind of shortage, you will not be able to survive for long in these online marketplaces. So why not work in that category. Learn properly, practice well, become an expert, research the market well and then think about creating a profile. Anyway, I talked a lot. Now let's talk about work. Fiber is an online marketplace where only services can be sold without any investment. Much like Amazon, Evely, Daraj. But in these markets only products are sold. Now it is a matter of product or service. The key is to sell. This requires a website and proper marketing. For which a lot of expenses have to be borne. Then comes the sale. But you don't have to do any web site to sell any service on fiber. There is no problem even if you don't do marketing. Or you can say you don't have to do marketing. What to do then? Let's find out. 1. Profile Research When you decide to work with a service, the first thing you need to do is profile research. This means that many like you are already doing very well in the marketplace. How they arranged the profile. Knowing all the details of what services they are working on. Now the question is how do I know that? Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. Before you start working, search for the service you want to work with. Then visit their profile from the first five gigs. Make a note of everything from their profile. Not for copying but for taking ideas. Then try to write the title and description of your profile manually. If you can't write in English, write in Bengali. Then try to translate slowly into English. If necessary, take the help of someone experienced in English. Without investment, you can't get a job just by creating a profile like Business. Remember that you are dreaming of earning at least a thousand dollars a month from this profile. So do a lot of careful time and in-depth profile research. 2. Profile optimized Profile optimization means arranging the profile correctly. If your profile is not well organized, chances of getting a job are very low. This is your investment. If you can invest this, you can earn thousands of dollars. Follow to get the complete guideline of freelancing
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