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  1. Just random discussion out if curiosity How long after you signed up on the platform did it take you to get ordered?
  2. Oh that's not an issue, I've optimized our profile and even taken several tests over the last few months and passed all of them...I think our page is at its peak
  3. What's the best way to orders for a new sellers when we've got virtually no ratings at all (no room for trust) Buyer requests has been at an all time low; just one in the last few days and offers have already been sent in We've been on Fiverr for almost three months coming and we're getting desolate
  4. Are u sure that mobile browsers work for buyer requests? Look at the screenshot, it's Fiverr's page on Chrome's desktop version, yet I can't access buyer request until I switch from seller mode to buyer mode, and that is if I wanna order a gig which I don't
  5. The buyer request section of the mobile app has no "refresh" option And I've cleared the app data and all, still doesn't work
  6. The buyer request section keeps saying "no requests found" since yesterday morning what could be the cause?
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