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  1. Many thanks to everyone for their important feedback. I agree with you. I will try to do better in future. Stay well everyone
  2. I am a member of fiverr community from january 2021. I thought, I would be able to pay my college fees, if I could do well in freelancing. I don't have very a powerful device , I am using a normal laptop, where I hardly can do anything related to editing or graphics designing. I have binged hundreds of you tube videos and read a lots of blog to publish and improve my gigs. After all these months of publishing, editing, and deleting , I am really tired. Now, I have deleted all tips and tricks from my mind and published only 3 gigs very randomly. My college is going to start in a few months, and I am still kind of broke. ( Didn't want to sound like a crybaby but......) I had published a couple of writing services related gigs which were not ranked. do you think writing niche is saturated? If yes, then how can I surely get my first order? If not, why don't newbies get order fast? What else can I do with a cheap/ normal laptop that can bring some money to me? Thanks for reading .
  3. Hello everyone! I hope everyone is doing well. Now days cyber security is a big challenge, each day we face problems related to technology, sometimes our profile gets hacked or banned , sometimes our devices has virus. We know our fiverr profile is a sensitive profile, but bad guys are out everywhere. sometimes two factor verification in many social media platforms aren't working, though we have trust on fiverr, it concerns me about fiverr bank account and income details security. if my mobile phone OTP doesn't work , how to recover from this damage? Thanks in advance everyone.
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