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  1. I need to get my first order on the topic of translation into Turkish from English or vice versa. Even though I have done this many times, I haven't got any orders yet on Fiverr. It's not a good condition, but, I do believe that I will.
  2. Being a new seller is not an easy thing to see success. When you do something on Fiverr, you have to think twice if you are a new seller. Do you guys know the word 'infollution'? It means Information Pollution. If you are a new seller on this platform, you can find lots of information on social media and especially Youtube. Having a huge amount of knowledge doesn't mean that you will be a successful seller, on the contrary, it makes you worse. While some are saying that '’use keywords'’ related to your service, others are constantly saying that ‘'you don't have to use keywords'’, it is not as important as you think. I just wanted to give a simple example about information pollution, it doesn't have to be the same topic, you can find another problem with that. So, what would you do in this situation? This is terrible man.
  3. Hi, dear Fiverr users! I am here to get some support from you, I guess I need some important tips or something like that. Here is my problem, I am going to tell you what's happening right now. I joined Fiverr at the beginning of August. I don't exactly remember the day when I joined, but, it was something like that. I created my gigs a few days later and tried to promote my gigs on social media. Although I have never used social media accounts before (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.), I tried some of them for Fiverr. However, as far as I see, it didn't work very well. I got some impressions thanks to social media, but it wasn't working at all. Recently, I’ve started to worry because of my performance on Fiverr. I was expecting to get my first order before the end of August, but, I got nothing until now. Is there anything wrong with my gigs? I am asking this because I need to get orders to maintain some important conditions in my life. How can you help me? If anyone would like to give a hand to me, I will be glad for them. Please take a look at this title and just give some tips or anything you want me to learn or implement. You can contact me anywhere, just drop a comment below this title, I will be there to give you an answer. I would like to share my profile link on this topic, but, I don't know whether it is legal in Fiverr Forum. If it is not, please let me know and I will share my link with you. Thanks for reading! Best Regards!
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