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  1. Hello everyone, I hope you are doing great. 1- Upload your original and professional profile picture. 2- Upload Eye-catching and attractive gig. 3- Also upload a video like how your service will work or look. 4- Use proper keywords like if your are graphic designer and you will use graphic designer keyword you will see more than 6,000 gigs. It will create a huge competition. And if you will use graphic designer services then you will see only 2,000 gigs. So, instead of graphic designer you have to need graphic designer services that will help you. 5- Check buyer request and understand the buyer problem. Then reply him/her how you will solve her/his problem. 6- Keep online I hope after this you will get order. Thank you!
  2. 1-First of all, read the buyer request carefully and then tell her/him your plan I mean how you are going to do the work. 2-Tell her/him simple and understandable plan. 3-Instead of begging explain her/him how only you can do the work in the best way. 4-Tell him/her you will design eye-catching and attractive work. 5-Use the words that buyer used in the buyer request message For more infor: https://www.fiverr.com/harry_will?public_mode=true Thank You
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