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  1. So, I have this quetion. How to get more Impressions on a rare title gig? I have this gig whose title is not too much searched. How do i get traffic to that? Hopeful for a response Regards, Umar Sethi
  2. Thanks for the reply, Very clearly conveyed.
  3. So, I am a little confused about the content of our gig videos. Should i add commentary in the video, or just the background music is enough? Please have a discussion about this. And any recommendations that you may have to improve my gig videos. Regards, Omar Sethi
  4. Hi, I have just created a gig. I uploaded my images and video. when it gets published, the video comes first, but i want the images first and then the video. Is there any way I can change the sequence?? Thanks and looking forward to a constructive comment. Regards, Omar Sethi
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