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  1. Great.. Please share your valuable idea for us to achieve fiver Success..
  2. best wishes for you and give us some advice
  3. hey every one, i am new here can any one check my gigs and give me some valuable advice about my gigs. my gigs link are given below. https://www.fiverr.com/share/eERLrr https://www.fiverr.com/share/k5xmvg thanks for giving your valuable time
  4. congrats and pray for me for get my 1st order...
  5. give us some tricks how to get order as a new seller
  6. yes here buyer can cancel the order but always try to cancel the order by fiber support team....
  7. no problem you can . don't create same gigs from both account ...................
  8. don't sent the offer if you don have the confidence about the task.
  9. stay in fiver forum and give your valuable time in five
  10. give your valuable time in fiver forum promote your gigs in your social media and get your order quickly send buyer request daily hope you will get your first order soon
  11. try to stay active in fiver forum send buyer request daily promote your gigs in Instagram
  12. give your valuable time in fiver and fiver forum and share gigs in social Medea.
  13. share your gigs on twitter share your gigs on Instagram share your gig on linkdin
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