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  1. YES!! When You edit your GIG it may effect your GIG rank.
  2. Optimized your GIg SEO friendly. stay active on fiverr. Share your GIG on Social Media. Send Buyer request.
  3. Hello Fiverr Community, Peace be upon you!! I'm a new seller in fiverr. I publish 4 gigs, its almost 2months. But haven't get any order yet also my GIGs are not ranking. I shared my GIGs on social media, send Buyer requests. but nothing is working. Do you have a minute to check my profile & make suggestions? my profile link- https://www.fiverr.com/marketingads97?up_rollout=true Thank You!! Sabbir.
  4. Welcome to Fiverr!! Optimized your profile & gig. Try to focus on specific niches. Share your GIG on social media, send Buyer request & be active.
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