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  1. frist of all i am talking about new seller. they doesnt want more sell at frist. they just want their frist order on their gig . I think you didn't get my point, yeah you are right If a buyer likes your service, and wants to hire you, they can hit the buy button on your gig. But what if my gig didn't get any impression, If any buyer can't even see my gig then how can they like my service? I have my own experience if I am not online my gig impression get down so badly. if you want can share my gig diagram
  2. I have same problems before . but today its maybe okay. i saw some number of reqest on account
  3. Yeah, I also agree with you, that you have not been online to receive an order. and this term is only acceptable for those sellers who have already 5-star rating and their gig rank on the 1st or 2nd page. But as a new seller, it's obvious that you need to be online
  4. Some one told me in this fiverr form that, new seller only can see those buyer reqest which has less than 10 proposal
  5. you can't take a order manualy rather than buyer reqest , as she said before if a client see your gig attractive then they will place a order on your gig.
  6. From now you have to responce as soon as possible, also try to stay online from 3pm to 6pm at american standard time as you say most of the buyer knock you at night. You can use fiverr mobile apps. Also use a nofication alram apps on your mobile so when a buyer send you a message it will auomiticaly ringing, so it will be easyer for you to respons fast. Thank you
  7. try to use low competitive keyword. and follow other tips relted to fiverr gig. best of luck for you
  8. yeah sure. frist of all 1. try to find high search volume low competetive keyword. 2. make a attractive gig imgae, an write a descreption by your own , dont copy anybody. 3. Active more on fiver. because most of the when a buyer search for a sevice they filter the result who is online. so it will give more impression on your gig. and if your gig image look attractive then a buyer will click on it. and then after reading your desprection and seeing your portfolio if this satisfaied your client then they you came to your inbox. so everything need to be perfact. 5. sent buyer reqest daily. 4. also try to share your gig on socail media, like linkedin and twitter. makesure you use hastag related to your services. thank you
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