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  1. Thanks, so I have cancelled the order, let see how it goes
  2. How can I cancel the order directly without asking the seller to cancel the order ? In the Resolution center it still says "Ask the seller to cancel the order"
  3. Can I cancel my order right now or should I wait until 48 hours have passed by ? I want to be 100% sure I will get my money back
  4. Thank you all for your replies guys. It says "The seller failed to deliver order on time. You may cancel the order" Is it 100% sure now that I will recieve my money back if I cancel my order ? It is just about 2 hours passed now
  5. If I ask for the cancellation and if the seller does not accept it, will I get my money back ?
  6. Dear Guys, I ordered on Fiverr for about 100$, before the order the seller was very polite, nice and very tempting for me to buy. He presented himself as he had lots of experience. It has been 1 week now, I placed the order and the seller has not done anything. He sent me a copy paste thing and I noticed it instantly and I told him to do it again, late response but he sent me again and it was again copy paste things. Now I have a feeling that he is probably scamming me, he has got more than 70 reviews though but if you look very closely, most of the reviews are fake. I want somehow ymy money back, I haven't cancelled my order yet as I know Fiverr policies favours the seller and not the buyer. In 3 hours, his 1 week delivery time will be up as he has not asked for extension. In case if the seller forgets to extend the delivery time and also does not submit the order on time, do I have a chance to cancel the order and get my money back ? What can I do to get my money back, I want my money back because I know he will never be able to deliver the desire result ?
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