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  1. In this gig, I've done total 8 jobs. But now Gradually My gig's impression is 00. But why? 😭 What should I do? Please suggest me, Please!
  2. If you are a ''Smart Fiverr'' Extention user, Please share your Experience about this Extension. *Which type of problem I have to face if i Use this extension? *May My Fiverr account will be banned if i use it? Need Clear Explanation. Please tell me. Thanks
  3. What is BR prattern? please explain it. Thanks
  4. Generally, When i wanna check that my buyer is online or offline. I see that My every Buyer profile show S/he is active. But why? & what's solution?
  5. I'm a Seller and deal with my client about our project, But when I created CUSTOM OFFER. Then He didn't able to accept my Custom offer. Then He sent a Screenshot. Please give me a Solution.. According his Screenshot----- ''A purchase attempt on your visa card ending in 1695 was declined at FiverrEU Nicosia CY on 09/07/2021. 13:30:32
  6. I'm Depressed! I'm new seller, I created total 6 Gigs. But in the whole day, I didn't get any BUYER REQUEST. Why? Please suggest me please. Here my Gig link: https://www.fiverr.com/kutubuddin520?up_rollout=true Please check me & Help me. You sent
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