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  1. My gig was ranked with promotion or without promotion before, the problem became when i start using this feature ! so how it's not the cause of that?
  2. Hello, thanks for your answer my gig was on the first page all the time, my impressions were between 800 and 2000k without promotion, but when I start using the promotion gig feature and after my gig became unqualified my gig impressions became between 10 and 30, and my gig was removed from the first page, my gig back to the first page every time when it became qualified for promotion again. so if my gig is already ranked and got new orders every time, why did the promotion gig feature remove my ranked gig when it became not qualified? that's a big problem actually, this feature instead of helping sellers, it does the opposite unfortunately regards
  3. Hello thanks for your answer, yes my gig is active
  4. Hello, my name is ilyas i'm a fiverr seller, i just want to know that my gig It has been not showing up in searches since August 19th until now, even though I get 5 stars rating and most of my customers are satisfied, this problem became the last 3 months i don't know the reasons when i contact the support for a solution i receive just general answers, if there's a problem in my account or in the website i should know the problem became when i start using the the promotion gig feature, my gig not showing on search when my gig became unqualified for promotion thank you and have a great day
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