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  1. l have not gotten an order yet but l found this article helpful. https://www.sidpublishing.com/how-to-respond-to-a-buyers-request-on-fiverr/ The other thing that is emphasized on every other article l read is relevance, only respond to a buyer request you have something unique to offer not to use that as an opportunity to advertise. Also, don't generalize your offer but rather be specific.
  2. Hello Jamal, welcome to Fiverr, l am fairly new myself.
  3. Hello @imagination7413, l have tried to do what you recommended and the thumbnail has changed in my profile but when l switch to public mode it hasn't changed.
  4. Hello, l recently added a short video clip to my gig but l still want the image to be on the spotlight. However, the video always shows up first. Kindly advise on how l can change this.
  5. l provide virtual assistant and data entry services. l hope for the best
  6. Congratulations! l am happy for you. What advice can you give this newbie?
  7. l published my first gigs maybe two weeks ago. l added a video and took a few tests. l have also checked to make sure that l select the relevant categories for my gigs and l still have not received any buyer requests. Kindly review my profile and suggest how can improve my gigs and get buyer requests, thank you in advance https://www.fiverr.com/shingiraimarand
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