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  1. They offer review removal service claiming they have inside connection with support team.
  2. If Fiverr caught them and suspended their account, are they allowed to withdraw the fund ? Is that why they can keep reopening to offer the same thing ?
  3. What are they doing ? Are they legit ? I was following some gigs for the past 2 weeks that offer some Amazon services. Different gigs responded to my messages and questions very similarly as if they are the same person. Due to those seller accounts were relatively new, I decided to observe for a bit before placing the order. I started noticing the pattern that these seller accounts became unavailable one by one after they have made some deliveries. To my surprise, New gigs popped up and offered the exactly the same service. It keeps going on like this... I don't know if they are trustworthy. Why they have to close and keep opening the new shop like this ??? Is this some kind of specific business model ?
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