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  1. Eevery day send 10 buyer requiest. active fiverr on every time.and stay active on fiverr forum.
  2. Well, I’m only a new seller on Fiverr, but I guess I can give you some tips anyway. First, you want to be THE VERY BEST in what you are offering: as Einstein said, “You just have to learn the rules. Then you have to play better than anyone else.” Try to share your gigs in social media, but be aware: you should not spam (otherwise you are likely to fall into troubles). Use the right tags. I can’t stress this one enough. TAGS ARE EVERYTHING. Watch the tags of the most successful sellers who offer similar services to yours, and then copy them. Use a good SEO title. Write a good description and a good title. Set reasonable prices, but do not undervalue your work. Add a lot of imagines to your gallery (and if you can, even a video). Add samples of your work. I hope these tips will help you! Thanks Fardin_Ahmed
  3. don't worry. Share your gig on social media. 10 buyer requests every day. and stay an online minimum of 8/12 hours. one day you get the order.
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