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  1. This is a follow-up to my previous post about the legality of using the said app. Now the problem here is either I decline the person (by telling them that it's against the TOS), or they decline me because I (still as of now) does not have the app yet. To be honest with you all, I have never heard or known WhatsApp before I joined Fiverr. I only knew when my first chat came and then I have to look it up. Why not with something more popular platform instead like Facebook Messenger? It's more common. I have never met anyone before with WhatsApp except for those people. I wonder what's in WhatsApp specifically and it's kinda suspicious that that uncommon platform is the one widely chosen by people here. So, since nothing gets done because of this, I can't earn anything. It sucks that the reason why I'm not earning is not because of skills, but because of the lack of communication. I mean, I did the work. I reached people via buyer requests, they respond to me back, meaning, it worked. Yes, my gigs could use some more improvement, but what matters is that my gig appealed to them. They wouldn't go "Hey, contact me on whatsapp" if they don't feel like my gig contents are good. The problem is that, everyone (aside from the scam person, if you've seen that post of mine) is wanting to communicate on WhatsApp. I could have been earning already if it was only allowed to talk via WhatsApp. This is frustrating. What should I do? I couldn't redirect them to Facebook Messenger either because it's still against the TOS.
  2. I've read in the TOS that the seller should have the capability of reducing damages (very non-verbatim) or compensate for the damages done to the buyer. That's why I really don't think it's a scam. But you to be the judge. Recently, I've been offered a translation job, but it requires me to pay some refundable insurance fee. The thing is, I haven't earned anything yet because before this person, everyone is wanting me to communicate with them via WhatsApp, so I literally had ZERO orders done since I joined because I either decline them, or I get declined because of the lack of WhatsApp. That said, I don't have the capabilities to pay the insurance. They said that it's their company's policies, to make sure that I don't leave my work in the middle. Seems reasonable. The pay (for my work) and the insurance are too high for me. It seems too good to be true. They offered payment via PayPal, because, my gigs are only up to $15 dollars (the lowest insurance is $60, and pays $660, insurance included). So that's like 40x my price, so they really have to go somewhere else. I just turned him down because I don't have the money. Yes, I have doubts that it might be the scam, but my reason of turning him down is the insurance. Do all translation services come with insurance? If yes, then I should really go somewhere else first and earn payment for the insurance, if not, do you think it's a scam? His location is India, but when I looked up their company in Google, they are a teaching firm in China. Again, I turned him down because I don't have the money, not because I certainly thought it was a scam.
  3. Ah, yes, the problem is still there, but has taken the form of a photo. I really need to make my own video first. Thank you anyway.
  4. Oh, okie then. What should I put to the "Gallery" section when creating the gig, then? (perhaps, that's the better way of phrasing the question)
  5. Hello, Okay, I haven't been successful with either translation or providing educational content. I will exhaust my skills now. So, I'll go subtitling now. Sorry for asking too much in the forums recently. The thing is, I know how to make subtitles, but I don't know which videos I should use. I'm sure I cannot just download a video from the internet (or from YT) and make a subtitle out of it and show it in the gig page. Does the video have to be original? The original videos I own are those taken by my camera, and they are very personal. They are no different from those videos in your phone gallery, something you won't want to disclose. I don't have a YT channel either. What should I do here? More specifically, what should I show in the gallery (stage 5) when creating the gig?
  6. Okay, update. I haven't really received any orders on Fiverr since I joined. I'm afraid that I won't be earning anything any time soon because people are always asking for WhatsApp. Are you all sure about that? This makes me worried.
  7. Thank you for the responses, miiila and theratypist! 🙂
  8. Hmm, I can't "avoid" those because I don't know. I just look at buyer request. Most of them just say "I need translators for this and that" nothing more nothing less. I send offer "Hello, I offer this translation". Then they would chat me on Fiverr only to tell me to chat to them via WhatsApp. There's nothing on the buyer requests that says "hit me up on whatsapp, here's my number..." So I can't really "avoid" them? I will only know if they send me a message. But thank you! One thing I can avoid though, is accepting offers from them who wants me to converse with them via WhatsApp.
  9. TL;DR in bold Hello, I have been turned down twice already because the people that I send offers on buyer requests want me to talk to them via WhatsApp. Yes, that's a sign that I have to install and make an account in the said social media platform. But I'm curious, what's stopping them from chatting? One can attach files and type text. What does WhatsApp have that the messaging service of Fiverr doesn't have? I know that people judge gigs, and if the gig is low rated, people might not consider it? But how am I supposed to get rated if I don't get orders?
  10. Seems like that's the second best option after online tutoring. I was thinking that I would be in "a wrong place" and my gig wouldn't be seen if I put it here. But it seems that it won't. Thanks!
  11. Ah yes. I understand the TOS and thank you for the advice. I only think of doing worksheets with explanations though. Much like in the textbooks, but tailored according to their level. I would say that I would have different types of approach between a newbie high school student compared to a, let's say, a country representative for the IMO. I won't do any homework. They would tell me what topics they need, then I'll create sample problems and provide them solutions in order for them to have some insights and know how to do certain types of problems. It'd be like "indirect" tutoring. I can't do actual tutoring yet because of lack of equipment. I really planned to buy them once I've earned enough.
  12. TLDR: Read the sentence in bold Hello, new seller here. I don't think translation services aren't the best way to start here. I've got people contacting me, saying "Hi", I reply, then they never respond again. It has been a rough start. So, I'm trying to switch fields. I'm going to mathematics now. I intend to do online tutoring, but, I haven't got the hang of fiverr yet, and I don't know where I should conduct these tutoring sessions. Does fiverr have a classroom of its own or do I have to use zoom or gmeet? But, anyways, I don't have the right equipment yet. So I'm not in for tutoring if that's what would happen. So I've decided to write worksheets instead, for those students and teachers who want to have some exercises adjusted to their level. This does not seem to fit in Lifestyle > Online Tutoring anymore. What category and subcategory should I assign to this gig instead?
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