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  1. Today i finally went ahead and completed this project and buyer left me 5 star rating everything went completely good It took me more than 20 days to complete this project but till the end i stayed with client request and fulfilled his desires When he completed he was happy but this project made me mentally stressed and now I'm enjoying some sickness Overall I'm relieved now
  2. I have found a way to please this client i have already setup boundaries on my gigs and my most customer went with Custom offers because my gig requirements for most buyers are not attractive but my work attracts my customer and they usually talk with me before going to award me project I stay quiet active and this is my first time I'm experiencing this type of Buyer but his demands are too much for a project but I'm now not cancelling this project trying to complete it I enjoy usually good customers on fiverr but this is my first experience with such buyer
  3. I have been trying to fulfill order it looked simple as i had to create bunch of dices in 3d and later animate them But buyer wants 2d perspective results with 3d animation and i have already delivered him this project multiple times but he is not satisfied with delivery He usually says the angle is not right for face or something else he has problems with my work but on the other hand he is saying you are good seller i mean he is praising me but complaining when i deliver something for anything I got approved some animations and now he is saying those doesn't look right, he is changing his demands frequently when i deliver him something and now I'm thinking of sending him cancellation request its been more than 10 days and his complains about my work are never ending and I'm not sure what to do except sending him cancellation request
  4. I'm a new seller but what i think is most important whatever skill you have make a practice portfolio with it and upload it on portfolio site Second start by low paying jobs as you will gather reviews and experience you will start getting big jobs as well Third be specific as a 3d artist i know what i have to bid on but if i bid on order which i don't understand ultimately it will create problem i might loose that job and that would impact my profile negatively so i usually bid on those jobs which i can do and i usually stay away from those jobs which i don't understand or I'm not at that level Final: Take risks and never shy in your bid
  5. Well i didn't know that and Now I'm eagerly waiting for my level one badge
  6. I'm kind of confused I started my journey with fiverr in 2019 but left it for 1.5 years because i didn't find it attractive i returned to fiverr this summer in May 2021 one buyer approached me and gave me an order i was still not sure for this time if it will be fruitful Now i have qualified for level one and waiting for my level one badge but from my last order i haven't received any buyer request the one i do doesn't belong to my gigs category , i emailed fiverr support and their reply is confusing "every buyer request has a limit of 10 unlevelled seller offers before they are removed from sellers' views. This also has an effect on the number of offers you can see" This answer confuse me and i think now fiverr has changed its policies does it also affect level one or level two buyer, is there any limit on buyer requests after achieving higher levels
  7. I have a client who is VID and i have good relations with it and i think that what it make sense to me retaining good relations timely delivery and never complain
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