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  1. SOCIAL RULES 1. When responding to a buyer request posted, do not copy & paste a whole chunk of paragraph bombarded with irrelevant information. 📃 The buyer asked for a simple graphic design; no one cares if you can do "flyer/signage/comic book etc etc..." too 2. Do not assume their names if you are unsure. Take this Chinese name for example, "Mei Ling Tan". Their name is "Mei Ling" not just "Mei". 3. Don't be creepy. 😖 A seller, in his seller offer, told me how he adored Asian faces for their young looks - that's very unprofessional. 4. Quality over quantity. Spamming your Fiverr links inappropriately shows you're desperate. 😣 So, unlike what you wanted, it gives a turn-off to the public. 5. It's a competitive market - the buyer has many available options to choose from. Please don't keep asking people to place an order when they already said no. 6. Do not lose track of yourself. Stay hydrated, healthy and rest well. Keep a balance between work life and personal life. 7. At the same time, if you feel uncomfortable with the requests, do not stay quiet about it - voice it out. 8. Don't resort to passive-aggressive insults. Communicate effectively with the buyer and always show respect. 9. Do not jump at only money. Focus on growth. Give your utmost best customer service and present your best work to them. 10. Don't exaggerate your promises - be sincere and it will show. Have a nice day! Like it? Found this helpful? Give this post a 'like'! 👍 or ❤️
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