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  1. I did't asked for a website, I asked for any courses
  2. Any free courses for Fiverr? I already did Online Freelancing Essentials: Be a Successful Fiverr Seller
  3. thanks for telling me! I haven't seen that post
  4. how to make a SEO friendly GIG?
  5. thanks! I tried he size of a YouTube video thumbnail
  6. How to get my first order?
  7. How to make the perfect logo? Because I don't want to show my face
  8. thanks! DO you know what is the width and height for a fiverr image?
  9. Fiverr let you ink youtube. Also thanks for telling me about the keywords!
  10. I need help, everything I do it's still pixelated!
  11. Thanks for telling me! I hope this will work!
  12. Is this GIG looking good? https://www.fiverr.com/cristoferk29/design-a-ui-for-you What can I improve? Why am I not getting any sales?
  13. Welcome to Fiverr! I hope you will get customers soon!
  14. Any ideas for web development GIGS?
  15. but what if I don't want to make my pic my face? because i don't want to share personal information
  16. Thanks for telling me! Can you tell me more what I can do to my profile?
  17. ok! https://www.fiverr.com/cristoferk29?public_mode=true
  18. Is my fiverr profile looking good?
  19. but what if I can't find good buyer requests?
  20. How to get my first order?
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