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  1. Congrats. I just reached level one myself. It's a nice feeling. Keep it up!
  2. Thanks to everyone for your help. This is such a good thing to find out. Thanks so much for that piece of advice! I seem to have had a boost in my discoverability, so had a number of enquiries this morning. I made sure to reply to them and now I'm back up above the 90% threshold! I still find it strange though because I really don't think I missed out on any responding to any messages within 24 hours, but I must have, somewhere!
  3. I've been looking through all my different inboxes, and there is nothing there. I did find a message from someone that was literally empty from about 3 weeks ago. I didn't respond at the time...because it was empty...so I've now said 'hi', to see if that helps. Otherwise, I've responded to absolutely everything that's ever come in.
  4. hi there! I'm just about 2 months in to selling properly on Fiverr, and I'm just nearly hitting the threshold to move up from a new seller...however, looking at my stats, my 'inbox response rate' has now dropped to 89%, which is BELOW the required 90% for 'levelling up'. This is a) slightly annoying, given my next review date is in a week and b) slightly confusing, because I'm not NOT responding to people. Every message I get from a buyer or potential buyer, I've responded to. I've never left a message without sending at least one message. Obviously there are times when a conversation is left with their last message, but it doesn't require a response...surely that doesn't count towards my rate? There's no reason for me to saying anything back to a 'thanks' from a buyer? My inbox response time is currently set at under an hour, so I'm doing good there. What ACTUALLY affects the inbox response rate, and how can I make sure it's back above 90% for my upcoming review?
  5. Sorry to hear that you're having problems with a buyer. It does happen from time to time and I experienced this myself recently. If you've made attempts to contact the buyer and they haven't responded, then you've done all you can until now... If their unresponsiveness has let to the order becoming late, you can request an extension (if you haven't already done so) so that it doesn't affect your stats too much should the order continue. Be sure to tag the extension as being because the buyer hasn't provided all information or isn't communicating. Has the buyer been online? you can check this by going to your order and above the chat box will be a 'last seen' time. Use this to determine if they have been active recently. @designs_taskbar is correct, going through support is a good idea. You can use the form here : https://www.fiverr.com/support_tickets/new - use 'order issue / general enquiry' and provide the information for support to look at. They can contact the buyer for you and encourage them to get in touch. If they don't respond for a few days they can cancel the order for you without it affecting your stats. If you have sent the buyer any work, try and see if they are using it anywhere. Until they pay for the work they aren't allowed to use it. You can file copyright infringements if this is the case once the order is cancelled. Be aware, if it does come to it being cancelled then you won't be getting any money for this order. It sucks, but hopefully it won't come to that. In my case the buyer got back in touch and was very sorry for not communicating but they were busy. The order is now continuing, which was a good result for me. Hope that helps! All the best.
  6. Great advice. Thanks so much for that. I'll follow that in the future, regardless of how 'good' the buyer looks! I've submitted a request to CS and they've contacted the buyer directly for me to inform them the order will be cancelled in 24 hours if not response is given. I've also contacted the YouTube channel where my work was used to let them know it contains material that is copyrighted so they'll have to remove it. I feel bad for them, but they themselves are unknowingly using people that aren't being professional in their practices so I'm sure they'll be interested to hear about that.
  7. @theratypist @uk1000 Thank you both, you've been really helpful. Contacted support. I'll leave everything in place for now in terms of the active request to extend the deadline. I assume that my buyer is still waiting scripts from his client who is producing the videos for or has messed up a little? I don't want to do it, but depending on the outcome I'll have to go to the YouTube channel that my work is on and file a copyright issue on the video which isn't their fault at all! Lesson learned about not agreeing to bulk orders and delivering one by one! I knew it wasn't ideal but it's a buyer with good feedback and excellent seller feedback so I gave them some leeway.
  8. Thank you. I couldn't find anything in there that was relevant, so I'm just going to go with 'order issue' / general enquiry and start a conversation that way.
  9. Thanks for your advice. I won't mark it as delivered. The offer was made to fulfil the buyer request, and from my understanding the offer being accepted means they also accept that it should be complete in the outlined time - therefor they understand they need to fulfil their obligation (to provide the scripts) I already have a request open in the resolution centre to extend the delivery, but no response since yesterday morning or acknowledgement from the buyer. If I have that request open and the delivery time runs out, does it take in to account at all that I've requested the time to be extended? The buyer still has another couple of days to respond to the request...Or should I cancel this request and open another related to the buyer not communicating (if that's a thing)? I've looked in support to try and contact them, but it's really difficult to find anything related to this particular problem when using their 'request support' button.
  10. Hi. I've ranted about this, but I still don't exactly know what to do... Long story short : Pitched for a buyer request. Delivery of multiple voice overs on a topic. Provided sample reads and got the order. Buyer sent through first 2 scripts. Did those. Got request to adjust the recordings, so did that. Buyer happy with first 2 VO pieces. Buyer sent through another 3 scripts and I did those (as of last Friday). Since then, no communication with the buyer. Time running out, so asked for confirmation on when remaining scripts would be done. Nothing from buyer. Requested to extend delivery to allow more time for the rest of the scripts. No response. Found the most recent recording on a Youtube video, despite nothing from buyer since sending the files. Throughout all this the buyer has been 'seen online' multiple times and fairly regularly, but still no acknowledgement... So what do I do here? I think I've done everything to try and get the buyer to respond. I don't want a hit on it being 'late' when I've done everything. I've done work that is being used without being paid. Sure, I've not done EVERYTHING that was in the buyer request, but the buyer hasn't sent everything. I've tried to extend the delivery...They too agreed to the time frame for completing the work. Shall I mark it as delivered? The two things I want is 1) to not reduce my stats for something that isn't my fault and 2) to get paid for the work, I've done everything I can. Even if it's partial payment... Thoughts on this. What should I do?
  11. The XPS range are really good. They are one of the few windows laptops I've used that I think can compete with Mac laptops in terms of performance and usability.
  12. That's probably a key part of it. Unfortunately, the only thing to say is to keep trying. It's also keep to keep an eye on how your gig is performing and how many impressions it's getting. Search the forum for tips on how to improve your gig and make sure you're doing everything you can.
  13. It sounds like you're doing most of what you can. Do you keep an eye on how many requests that buyer has received? It can be really competitive for some particular types of work and, sorry to say it, there just might have been a better offer than yours. Do you have lots of good reviews? If you have confidence in what you're doing and it really is just a case of unfortunately being chosen over other people, then you just have to keep trying. All the best with it!
  14. An important thing here to remember is that you can't compare gigs in different niches together. If you want a better idea of how long you could likely wait until an order then it's worth sharing what type of gig you have listed and hopefully you'll get people in a similar area as you sharing their info. For example I have gigs listed in voice over and waited 3 days before an order, whereas I've had other gigs listed for 2 months without anything, but admittedly that gig wasn't as strong as my voice over gigs. All the best though, hope those orders come in soon!
  15. My only opinion on this is that the type of image you use (a company logo or a picture of yourself) should be reflected in your gig listings. If your gig listings are written from the first person perspective and in themselves are quite personal 'I offer professional services' 'I can create...' that sort of thing, then a profile picture works well. If your profile is indeed a bit more of a 'business' ie. it has an obvious business name or uses a company logo, I'd write my gigs for the company. For example : 'At *COMPANY NAME* we offer high-quality...' '*COMPANY NAME* is dedicated to delivering professional...' An alternative you combine the two and be something like 'Hi, I'm *YOUR NAME* from *COMPANY NAME* and I can create...*
  16. I'm fairly new, so definitely not an expert by any means, but from looking at your gig from the perspective of a potential buyer and from spending quite a bit of time researching fiverr gigs and also creating content like this in the past, there's just not much that really stands out about your gig. Here are my thoughts on what I think would help your gig stand out...albeit, there is a caveat here in that meditation music might not be that in demand, so it's always going to be difficult. Anyway, here goes... the gig image is too generic. I don't know what you're offering from just looking at the image. Try and create a custom gig image that explains your services very briefly. If you're using a video, you can edit the video to include a single frame that has this image included. Upload it to your gig and edit the poster image by clicking the 'edit' (little pencil icon) where you've uploaded your video on the gig edit page. This lets you select a specific part of your video to display as the gig listing image. Try and make it a bit more personal. People have more trust when they know who they are buying from. Also, my initial thought when looking at your gig was that I couldn't really be sure it was YOU who made this music. I'm sure it was, but buyers went to be completely sure they can trust the seller. In your description try to include some details about your experience or any particular clients that you've worked with that might help you stand out... Your description also just has a load of other types of music you can make, but your listing is focussed on meditation. Create more gigs that focus on a few of those things. For example a gig that was something like 'I will create relaxing music for your Yoga videos. 'I will create beautiful music for your meditation videos' something like that. I'd suggest having 1 'generic' gig around creating beautiful and relaxing music, and a few other gigs that specialise in things mentioned above. Also, your offering music services, but your fiverr profile (which appears at the bottom of your gig) described you as a video editing expert. That's just another little thing that could make a buyer think 'why would I want music from someone that edits videos?'
  17. That's really great advice @vickiespencer. Thanks!
  18. It's just such a shame that $5 is the lowest you can go for such easy work. I'd feel like I'm robbing someone at that price.
  19. I posted yesterday about my first 4 weeks on Fiverr from the perspective of a seller and being 1) completely new to fiverr and 2) being very new to the service I was selling. The main takeaways I have were probably this (again, from a seller perspective) : - Don't expect to make money straight away. You're going to have to charge low rates to try to maximise your orders and improve your ratings - Research the services you want to sell and see what type of profiles are successful. - Don't rush your gig listing. Give it some research and thought. You can always update it and tweak and change it, but don't make things harder by starting with a bad gig listing. - Be honest about what you sell and the quality of your work. Don't try to make things look better than you can achieve because it will only lead to bad reviews. Use the early points in your selling history to be honest, learn and improve whilst also offering a service that's of value to those that need what you offer. -Make the most of using multiple gigs to find out what works for you. I have multiple gigs, some very similar, but it seems that some gigs are just more popular than others even if the services are ultimately the same. - Make your gigs personal. People want to see who they are buying from. Make yourself look like someone trustworthy (I'm sure you are). - TALK to your buyers. Communication is key. Don't be afraid for them to clarify something. At the end of the day they want something very specific, but if they aren't clear enough in their instructions, it shouldn't be your problem. Just ask for more clarification. Give them an idea of when they should expect delivery by and work towards that. If things aren't going according to plan, let them know beforehand and tell them it might be slightly delayed. There is a link to the full post here if it helps :
  20. This is an interesting topic of discussion. As a newer seller, I've been fortunate enough to not have the need to cancel any orders yet. A quick question, I'm assuming it's possible for the buyer to also cancel? In these circumstances, is it better for the buyer to cancel the order as it was their mistake rather than the seller risk reducing their percentage? Or is that no different to marking the 'buyer ordered by mistake' button and doing it yourself? I guess in a time sensitive situation you don't want to leave the buyer to cancel when an order is active and time is running down?
  21. Congratulations! It's a nice feeling to see those little milestones ticked off. Next milestone for me is to get my sales up to meet the criteria for level one. Half way there!
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