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  1. I have done this multiple times and it doesn't work.
  2. Thank you for the responses. I've cleared the cache and tried multiple browsers. No luck. I've informed CS, but they've stopped responding. Ditto for the buyer -- he's been offline since last week. I may close the ticket and try opening a new one. I will look into increasing time. Will this hurt me in the algorithm? Again, thank you for all of your advice.
  3. Hi all, I've been unable to access one of my orders on desktop for over a week. I was able to access it on mobile, and tried uploading my delivery there twice. Both times the delivery looked like it had uploaded, but then disappeared. I'm now two days past my deadline, and as a new seller, am worried this will negatively impact my rating. I put two days of work into this order, and am unable to upload it, which is extremely frustrating. I filed a ticket last week with Fiverr Support, and after an initial response from them (wherein they said they could see the order, even though myself and the customer could not) I've heard nothing. I respond every day to the ticket, asking for help, but it's radio silence. Now I'm stuck in limbo and am not sure what to do. Will Fiverr be able to retroactively amend this so my rating won't be affected? Does anyone know what to do when they stop responding to your support ticket?
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