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  1. did you get any negative review ? Or someone have reported on your these gigs!
  2. as you delivered that before the targeted date .. so you dont need to be worry about this
  3. change the theme! that's not a big issue.
  4. that might be your phone's problem.. change your phone
  5. Do social marketing to bring the targeted customer on your gig... that will help much for increase impression and click!
  6. that really depend on your the topic that you r working on! Also after creating the gig, you should have to wait till 1.5days to get buyer reqst on your account
  7. hahaha... congratulation.. tell us how to get orders ...😊
  8. thanks for your advice. hope that will be helpful for our freelancing life
  9. wlcm and stay at home , to keep your self safe
  10. welcome to fiverr family
  11. yeap... just used to make it arractive.. noting else
  12. first try to understand buyer requirement ... then describe yourself that what you will do on this... describe about the technology and process to let him know about your expertism . hope that will be enough
  13. be patience ... and promote yourself first... then people will findout your gig ! dont worry
  14. first choose your targeted customer... then research with that... then do social marketing on your targeted goal to catch the attention of the customer. that will bring click and impression
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