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  1. how to get permission from fiverr ?
  2. fiverr dont support the selling of any account .try not to do this on fiverr,...!
  3. too informative.. but it not possible to stay 24/7 in online !
  4. i havnt any idea about this! but instead of this you can give her directly link of your gig or profile
  5. that's informative but u you have copied that from fiverr help & support section
  6. that was so informative.. thanks for sharing .
  7. you have to be wait and do marketing on social media
  8. Nothing much.. just have fun and stay active
  9. nope ... dont use this kind of extension for being active. and 24/7 doesnt give you ensureance to get order from buyer
  10. nope. You wont face any problem as you submit your project on time
  11. mine about 700.. but havent got any order ! whatever, be patience ! and try more and do social marketing... it can bring the targeted customer
  12. be patience and promote your gig more
  13. Then most probably u have broke any TOS of fiverr!
  14. be patience ! work hard and do social marketing
  15. i am confused .... your problem description doesn't match with the title !
  16. you dont need to worry about this... you can dlt these or reedit or create new one! there wont be any impact on your profile
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