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  1. wlcm to fiverr family.. stay active and do social marketing
  2. welcome to fiverr family... wish you have a grt freelancing life
  3. be patience! and keep sending buyer requst
  4. try to be active in fiverr and do social marketing to catch the targeted customers!
  5. u can send direct message ! even u cannot see buyer profile
  6. you have to be patience to get order ! do gig marketing... hope you will get success soon!
  7. Hi, welcome! stay connect with fiverr ... and wish you have a great and joyful fiverr freelancing life
  8. Hey, welcome to fiverr !
  9. Do social marketing as much as you can !
  10. wlcm. hope your freelancing life will be good
  11. wow! nice ! u made a python based application actually
  12. depend on your service category dude. think what kind of question you would asked if you were a buy of the selling items! then it will be easy!
  13. yeah you can,,, but title should be different and description too
  14. nope u cannt merge 2 account.. rather than you have to use the old account or new account.. and you cannt open new id from old email that you have used to open a fiverr account also u cannt use 2 account is a same time! i hope it's clear to you!
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