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  1. Work is worship..... and then... take a nap ! 😄
  2. How about you make a "Quick response template" for this matter and use it everytime you get this query ? That would make your life easy. 🙂
  3. I have seen "response time" on few "top rated sellers" as well as "Level 2 sellers" having 50+ orders in queue to be 3-7 hours. That means that they're not online 24/7 and yet their business is booming. So it says that, it's more about the attention to detail while replying to queries rather than how speedily you do attend them. 🙂 The same thing is explained in this course offered for free by Fiverr Online Freelancing Essentials: Be A Successful Fiverr Seller
  4. Awesome. Many congrates. I visited few profiles on Fiverr which has this badge on their few gigs. It must be a great feeling I support. Good luck to you getting there soon. 🙂
  5. Many congratulations man on such an achievement and also for happily sharing it. It's indeed an inspiration. I also went ahead and visited your profile. You've some great reviews there. Keep up the good work. Cheers ! 😘
  6. I am new to Fiverr but not new to graphic design industry (5+ years experience with 400+ clients). The above lines that I've quoted from your message is what exactly happened with me on my very first order here on Fiverr. In short, the buyer purchased my premium gig, I delivered first round of logo design options. Buyer didn't like them. And that's fine. It's very common in logo design and I'm very used to comfortable with it. So I asked the buyer what revision would he(or she) want. But buyer just said, he didn't like them. So I went ahead and created more logo options. And believe me, when I say I've worked with numerous clients, I know that what they will like on the revision. But again the buyer simply says "I don't like them." How can one help a client if he's not willing to give constructive feedback ? But yet, I tried again and offered to give more options requesting to give some idea and direction for revision or new options. but to my surprise, buyer simply went to dispute and requested for refund without giving any concrete reason. I was left with no option to but accept it as didn't see anything happening from the buyer side. So order got cancelled... my very first order, buyer got refund and I got negative ratings ! I reached out to Fiverr explaining things and requesting if this will hurt my ratings and they said yes it will hurt my ratings. So it was more like the same experience. Buyer simply opened dispute, got his money back and Fiverr didn't even ask me about what was wrong ! But I would say that it happens. I'm still high in spirit as I gave my best, so repentance at my end. I'm very optimistic and soon, you'll see my profile buzzing with new orders and great reviews. Not all buyers are same. 😘 You're quite experienced than me here on Fiverr, so I wouldn't comment further, but wish you just all the best on getting your account back and sorting things out.
  7. Thank you for the first welcome here on Fiverr. I will remember this. 🙏
  8. Hello Everyone, Mayur here from henccebranding. I am happy to introduce myself to the community and looking forward to learn from the experienced sellers and buyers. I am into the filed of graphic designing since 2014 and run my own creative agency and decided recently to join Fiverr and share my services here as well, from logo design to complete brand identity to full stack graphic designing including flyer, brochure, business card, catalog, invitation card and so on. Thank you and looking forward to the first order here which I'm quite excited to deliver with quality.
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