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  1. Hello people. hope you are doing well. my gig was not ranking from past months but from past 3 days I started to get more impressions. but suddenly my gig just disappeared. and there is now 20 pages in best selling in brand style guide. there was only 9-10 pages. then I tried to search my gig with filters, then I found my gig. can someone explain me what is really happening.
  2. Hello folks, hope all of are doing well. so today I opened my fiverr and saw that my order completion ratio is 89 and there is warning of demotion. as I know fiverr counts the past 60 days orders for ratio. so I got only one order canceled on 14 July. through this month I didn't received any order. my question is does the ratio will go 100 after the 60 days like on 12 or 13 sept and feel free to ask me if you didn't get the question. thanks in advance.
  3. thank you very much you lovely people for suggestions and help. will try my best. best wishes to everyone. 💗
  4. Thank you for your valuable suggestions. I know a little bit about fiverr algorithm that it shuffle the sellers and give equal chance to everyone. And as you said yes, i am a independent freelancer and i am not saying that only fiverr will provide me customers and i am doing things on my own.i just wanted to know if there any other possibilities that may affect gig rank. Thanks again.😄
  5. Hello folks, hope all of you doing well. i am a new seller and i have started very well as new seller. my gig was in first page in best selling, and i was getting 1400-1500 impressions per day. also getting good orders. but suddenly my gig rank dropped. all of my orders were perfect and my rating is also 5. almost every client liked my work. there is no issues in rating and stuff. now i am getting only 40 impressions per day and my gig is not showing anywhere in recommended page. kindly please share your experiences and suggestions. thanks.
  6. i am also facing the same problem. i found the solution. try to refresh the delivery page 2-3 times or wait for some time then refresh the page. hope it will help.
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