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  1. Thanks Sir for your valuable comment.I will act upon your advice... IN SHA ALLAH
  2. Ok sir I will.Thanks for your valuable precious guidance.
  3. Yes Sir you are right there is huge competition..I will Not think about it a Spam Buyer request or not any more and keep trying untill I get their response. Thanks for your valuable comment.
  4. Ok I'll see it.Thanks for your valuable comment.
  5. Hello Fiverr community! I am new here .I daily apply on buyer request. Avail all 10 Fiverr offers, allowed to seller on buyer request but no response. I want to know that how can I find out which one of them is spam and which one is not? Please comment. Your comment is prescious to me. Thanks
  6. Hi jonbaas! Thank you for your valuable comment. I will comprehend my target customers' needs, provide them with quality service that solves their problems, and connect them with me in order to gain their trust. My goal will be to earn order by learning how to connect my services to those who need them.
  7. Hello Fiverr community! Here I am a new seller as a writer of content, article, and SEO optimized blog, as well as a rewriter. As a freelance writer, I enjoy researching various topics and writing articles and blogs about them. It would be wonderful if I could get my first order. If possible, please tell me how to make my first order. It is a pleasure to receive your precious comments. You can view my gigs by clicking here below. Thank you! https://www.fiverr.com/share/koaDEA https://www.fiverr.com/share/QdPgAy
  8. Wow! Congratulations.... may you have many more .. Please pray for me too that l may also get success... as I am new seller here.
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