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  1. To be honest it's nearly impossible to get your money back. Fiverr almost doesn't care about sellers. Buyers are their only user and we sellers are nothing to them. But knock customer support and do live chat with them if possible and show them your proofs with screenshot or video.
  2. I was a level 2 seller. Suddenly I stopped getting orders on fiverr. Then I lost my level 2, I was demoted to LVL 1. After another month I lost LVL 1 too. Now I'm a new level seller. I'm not getting that much orders on fiverr now. What should I do now?
  3. There is prayer for you from me
  4. Thanks for sharing your history, You will be more successful one day
  5. But if any client see me online, He/she will be more convenient to send me a message. Isn't it true?
  6. Thanks a lot for the help. I was also looking for this information
  7. check out youtube and other's post to know about this
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