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  1. Alhamdulillah my order completion rate is 100% again
  2. If you go to client profile: If it redirects you to the client profile, client reported your message And If it redirects you to Fiverr site it means client blocked you
  3. Congrats. You can promote your gigs on social media to rank your gig up.
  4. Congrats for the success. Keep working like this you will be more successful. Focus on client satisfaction
  5. Congratulations for the great success. Keep working like this. You will be successful someday. As a new freelancer you will face some problems in the beginning like, Gig will lose it's rank, Gig will be vanished, Buyer will try to cancel order etc. To avoid all them work properly maintaining all the rules and regulations of fiverr and Follow client's instruction and most importantly work for client satisfaction.
  6. Hello, May be fiverr is radiating your gig. I mean fiverr is giving this chance to other new freelancers. And I believe your gig will be visible again after few days. Now you can work on your gig to improve it's rank again (changing title is not recommended). you can edit your gig. You can change your description a bit and you can also insert some keywords on your packages title and your gig description. You can also promote your gigs on social media (I personally don't recommend Facebbok ). And most importantly be patient
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