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  1. Someone once asked me to deliver in 2 hours (I usually take 10 days as my Gigs take a long time), but they paid 3x the price so I delivered in 30 minutes!!! 5 star rating too. Was great to hear all your stories!!
  2. Yep! I like this idea too. Whatever makes most sense! 🙂
  3. Many of us know the pain of waiting for that illusive 'Top Rated' seller level, some of us earning in excess of $20,000+, but still having the same seller rating as many who have earned $2,000 (still a fantastic achievement). To give some of us a little bit of reward for getting this far, perhaps a Level 3 would bridge the void between Level 2 and Top rated. I propose that the Level 3 rating would require about 75 orders and $7,500 earnings. Just a suggestion!
  4. Most reviews for work that met the criteria of the scope are 5 stars in my experience. Therefore, providing you've done more than 5-10 orders - one review that is 1 star (which, even if the seller DOES review the work [many don't], then you would only experience a few decimal places difference, which will make even less of a difference if this is a long term occupation for you). If you're a new seller and you get a cancellation - it'll make even MORE of an impact on your gig. Say you had done 5 orders and once cancellation, your order completion rate would be 80% (which is absolutely awful and wouldn't allow you to progress). Not to mention the impact on your further orders, as you would be bumped to the absolute bottom of the listings. Say you had done 5 orders, one was 1 star (unlikely) and the rest 5 star - your average rating would be 4.2, which is very good. Please do the maths before giving a completely unhelpful quote. Thanks! 🙂
  5. I haven't noticed anything like this myself. I'm pretty sure the metrics just work on reviews, reply time and seller rating. But as visualstudios said - it's a pretty illusive algorithm that seems, at times, pretty random. Don't think into it too much! Happy selling. 🙂
  6. Never cancel orders! It's really bad for your Gig ranking. Insist that the buyer pays the extra within the current order - and then reach out to customer service if this doesn't work. If they won't budge - just complete the original order for the basic package they ordered. Fiverr is very clear to buyers that they enter a binding contract when they purchase a Gig and that there are NO refunds. Therefore, if you just deliver your basic package, as they ordered, you will get your money. Bad reviews are 100x better than cancellations - trust me. 🙂
  7. Education comes first - always. However, don't stop Fiverr! I've just graduated from University in the UK and I had my most consistent and highest-earning three months during the toughest part of my final year of my degree (Biochemistry). How I did it? Increase your price! Don't pause your Gig, don't limit orders and don't go on vacation mode. What I did: I made music videos for people, usually charging $150. I upped my price to $200 and still received orders. My queue then became busy - so I made it $250. You then end up making the same amount of money, doing half the orders. Just be tactical! All the best at college, feel free to reach out to chat about this.
  8. You did the right thing. The only time you should use Zoom is when you have a Fiverr Business Client (which will be clearly shown), and you must use the Zoom service that is embedded within Fiverr (it will be obvious when you get one of these orders). Don't accept cancellations if you've done nothing wrong. If your buyer requests something not in the scope of the order, and then gets upset about it, you must stand firm - a poor review is better than a cancellation (trust me!). 🙂
  9. Fiverr Revenue Card and Payoneer are two different things (I believe). On your earnings page you can click 'Payoneer' and it'll take your to Payoneer where you can make an account etc.
  10. I had something like this before - a buyer did a PayPal chargeback because they didn't like the video I sent. Just be patient - Fiverr works it out in the end and then adds the money to your pending clearance (from the date the order was accepted). I know its stressful and very confusing but, from my experience, since these things are automated, give it some time for it to sort itself out! 🙂
  11. Not long at all, it's usually an hour or two. It first appears in the Payoneer account and then it should directly send it to your linked bank account. Stick with Payoneer, it's much more cost-effective if dollars are not your native currency (like me).
  12. I don't personally, but I have self-employed/freelance musician friends who do. It may be worth enquiring with an accountant (maybe even on Fiverr!) for more advice as I'm certain it can be efficient to do so. However, I'm not sure as to how you do this - have you checked the UK gov website for more advice?
  13. Reply quickly and send custom offers - don't wait for people to place their own order, it makes people feel much more involved if you send a custom offer (even if its identical to an order someone can place normally).
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