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  1. "Unsolicited messages?" 😆 Checking in on clients who previously showed an interest is just being polite and engaging. This is a massive overreaction.
  2. An interesting take, I respect your point of view! However, consider this: a seller who has completed around 5 orders. If the buyer delivers the order and gets a 1 star review (unlikely, I have found unhappy clients often don't review, or don't give 1 star) - as well as receiving 5 stars for the previous 4 orders (likely based on experience, and the effort put into your first 4 deliveries) - then you'll have an average 4.2 star rating. If the buyer cancels, you will have 1 cancellation for 4 completions - meaning a completion rate of 80%. Both of these circumstances are too low to achieve the next seller level. However, cancellations come with the caveat of severely affecting the performance of your Gig with respect to its affect on where your Gig appears in listings. Also note, one more 5 star rating would push you up to 4.8 star - whereas you would subsequently need 5 more completed orders to get back to 90% completion rate, which would be difficult having had the impact of a cancellation. 😉
  3. Some useful information on how response rate works: Response rate is the average time it takes you to respond to FIRST messages from people (on mobile app you get a notification saying "...has started a conversation..."). This will also be indicated by a black clock emoticon by the message (with it turning red when you haven't replied for nearly 24 hours). You should reply to these messages immediately. After you've responded for the first time, you can then relax a bit - your messages thereafter will not contribute to your response time (note that the black clock may persist for a while, it doesn't go immediately). Therefore, reply to first messages a bit quicker!
  4. I've had this happen! Stay strong - don't cancel the order. Fiverr is fantastic for sellers and is very clear that buyers enter a binding contract when they click 'buy' - meaning you have full protection. Buyers are NOT entitled to a refund if your order even vaguely meets the scope of the order request. Complete the order as best you can and deliver it - even if you're a new seller(?), it's better to have a bad review than a cancellation! Note, even if you ask CS to cancel - I have noticed repercussions with respect to my Gig's performance.
  5. Hey mate! - Posting on social media doesn't seem too helpful for your Gig, I'd say its more useful for graphic design Gigs etc... but worth doing still! - Sending requests are good, but I've found more success when buyers come to me, rather than the other way round. - Make your Gig BEAUTIFUL. Work hard to make all the pricing make sense, use eye-catching imagery and a well-written bio/description. - Make your profile stand out, add a profile picture and a good bio. - Set your price to very low. Most people don't like to hear it, but when I first started, I set my price to $40 to make a video that took me 3 days to complete. Now it's 5x that and takes me half the time - you need to grind it out and get orders, no one wants to be the first person to order from you! - Be patient, orders will come!! 🙂
  6. Hey mate! Sadly Top Rated Seller rating is not automatic - even though you have reached the minimum requirements, many do not progress to Top Rated Seller automatically (as you would with lower levels). This is because Fiverr hand-picks Top Rated Sellers. The actual additional 'hidden' requirements are pretty illusive, probably for good reason! Don't worry - be patient and I'm sure you'll get there soon. Have a look at your friends' Gigs and compare them to yours. 🙂 Here's the information from Fiverr on this subject: https://www.fiverr.com/levels
  7. I believe you mean that you'd like to be able to reply to individual messages, so that buyers/sellers know which message the individual is specifically replying to? In which case, other than the effort of coding it in, I can see no reason why not - it would make messaging clearer and easier! 🙂 Great suggestion. EDIT: you should post this in the 'Suggestions' section of the forum. 🙂https://community.fiverr.com/forums/forum/23-fiverr-site-suggestions/
  8. Can't find any information on this - but here's what I think: When you go on the page where you see requirements for next level, it says 'Reach Your Next Level' - with requirements for the next level. Since these will automatically be written for the immediate next level (e.g. L1 -> L2), and since this is an automatic process (except TRS), I predict that you won't be able to skip a level; I believe you'll have to take 2 months to get two levels. Also this would make sense, as it would stop spammy/bot Gigs accelerating so fast.
  9. My daily spend limit is low - and in my category I don't need it to be high to boost above other sellers. It's just a minor expense so I think it's worth it.
  10. This reply is very good. Only thing to add is: quantify things. You make claims like 'i will boost sales' - what does that ACTUALLY MEAN. Do you boost sales by 1%? 10%? 1000%? Give examples - you have the space to do so.
  11. Very well done. It's great that Fiverr offers these tests. 9.0 and above is outstanding. Hopefully you see an increase in orders! 🙂
  12. Gig ranking - no. I was not active until a few days ago, and I have been level 2 rated for a year. Level ranking - potentially. It isn't required up to Level 2, but 'community engagement' is potentially a prerequisite for top rated seller, as was mentioned to me by customer support this week. 🙂
  13. Answer is yes! It's also the same with tips - always 20%. It may seem annoying, but Fiverr's platform draws tons of potential buyers. I get a lot of people messaging me on platforms like instagram - but I always direct them to Fiverr (even though I could avoid the 20%), because the platform offers security, support, clarity and encourages tipping, so you often make back the 20% anyway. 🙂
  14. That's strange, as krheate says, it should appear on your live portfolio if the buyer allowed it. I believe there is also a setting that you can check, either on your Gig or in your settings, that you must select for a live portfolio to appear on your Gig - make sure you have checked it. If you've done all this, try creating a new account and viewing your Gig from a different account (or asking a friend to look) and see if your live portfolio is there. 🙂
  15. Don't worry - when customers place orders, they pay the money and it is held by Fiverr until the buyer accepts the delivery or 3 days pass since the order has been delivered. Therefore, if you haven't heard from the buyer and aren't receiving a reply - simply deliver the revised work, or the original work if they haven't specified revisions, and after 3 days the order will be automatically completed. You may then decide to honour the original revisions when the buyer eventually replies. This will save you having a late order marked on your account.
  16. Hey mate, I put this in google translate and I believe that this is actually a different language - an African dialect called Yoruba. Roughly translates to: today's world is broken ooo year de tan joor oo sorry we are crazy (war is real oo). Seems strange though! Not sure that clears anything up. 😕
  17. The answer is no - you will not get demoted IMMEDIATELY. The rating system works on a monthly basis. Each month (15th I believe) you will be assessed. At some point on this day, Fiverr will assess your account and promote, demote or retain your seller level. Therefore, if you continue to have 90 and 91%, you'll stay level 1 (unless you get requirements for level 2) - but if it goes below on this date, you'll be demoted. Also note - if you achieve the prerequisites for level 2, you'll have to wait until the 15th to be promoted to level 2. 🙂
  18. Yes, agreed. The actual numbers may change - but in principle I'm proposing level 3 addition. I know the TRS will still be illusive but it will be a positive change nonetheless. Thanks for the discussion! 🙂
  19. Haha! I see your good point - thanks for the discussion. 🙂 However, comparing Level 1 to Level 2 and Level 2 to TRS - this in fact devalues the people who meet the criteria for TRS but don't get it. Therefore, sellers who have not been awarded TRS get the same level of appreciation from Fiverr as Level 2s who have not been around half as long - meaning many leave the platform. It certainly would not reduce the value of TRS considerably - as this is still incredibly illusive AND you could, of course, up the requirements for TRS.
  20. This is a really good point! Perhaps there needs to be clearer details about the level system, perhaps some information about the level and what it means when buyers hover their cursor over the seller. I agree about the bronze/silver/gold etc... and I think this is definitely a more universal way of naming these levels - perhaps worth raising a new thread about this, I would support it!! I don't really think this would be a strong argument for NOT having level 3 at all though. As you said, this issue is true regardless of level 3 or not - but this is definitely an issue worth raising! 🙂
  21. Hey! It's not very clear, all I've found on this is: https://www.fiverr.com/support/articles/360011314958-Harmful-Files-in-Buyer-Requests. They may use their own embedded antivirus software rather than a third-party, but I'm not sure. If you're looking for your own antivirus software, I personally use Avast as it is free at the point of use - but you can get some really neat add-ons for a yearly fee. I particularly use the Avast cleanup assistant, which removes cached/log files from my applications - which can often clean up to 100GB of random useless data each week! All the best 🙂
  22. Be patient and you'll get your chance! My friends who also do Fiverr have noticed the same as me - orders come in waves and are not consistent. This suggests that Fiverr's algorithms for Gig placement have a big impact on orders, so eventually you'll get bumped to the top of the listings and you'll get orders. In the meantime, take some tests if you haven't already (English language test, Software tests etc...) and be sure to reply to messages quickly. Also, try messaging those people who showed an interest but never placed an order for some reason. All the best!
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