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  1. 2 hours ago, newsmike said:

    Actually there is. You can send them this:

    When you joined fiverr you agreed to their terms of service (TOS).  https://www.fiverr.com/terms_of_service

    The revisions you keep requesting are outside the scope of the quote you accepted. Therefore, I will be happy to send an offer to complete the additional work.  

    Continuing to press the modification/revision button in order to bully me into a cancellation or additional revisions is a violation of TOS and if you persist, I will be forced to report you to fiverr trust & safety who may take actions up to, and including disabling your account.

    Don't cancel, and certainly don't be bullied. 


    There is absolutely nothing to stop buyers ignoring this - certain buyers will know this is an empty threat and they can still just keep requesting away! Trust me, I've tried this one.

  2. As sellers, there's nothing worse than buyers holding you ransom for your work. 

    When a buyer places an order, the seller will often state the number of revisions allowed for this delivery.

    However, there is no function to prevent a buyer continually requesting revisions after every single delivery. Although you can ask for further payment from the buyer, or refuse to do further revisions than the quantity of revisions that were stated within the order requirements - there is nothing to stop the buyer ignoring you and continually requesting revisions.

    The only thing the seller can do in this position, is continually modify the work as many times as the buyer asks, or request cancellation - and we all know how damaging this can be.

    Not only does this result in vulnerable and stressed sellers, it's also not financially viable for Fiverr. Whilst Fiverr want the buyer to satisfied with the delivery, this situation either forces the seller to spend too much time on one order (leaving less time to complete other orders to a high standard) - or leads to cancellations, which benefits no one. 

    SUGGESTION: once a buyer requests the number of revisions stated in the order, prevent the buyer from selecting 'request revisions'. Instead, allow the seller to either approve/decline the additional revision request, or allow the seller to offer the additional revision at an extra cost. This would not only benefit sellers, but would also generate further income for Fiverr, as they would receive 20% of all additional revision costs.


    Let me know what you think - and if you've had any similar experiences.

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  3. On 8/1/2021 at 8:51 PM, lenasemenkova said:

    A few years back I did a set of posters for a Polish band’s 20 years anniversary and halfway through the first order, I just started to get this weird feeling that the buyer’s face looked too familiar. The name sounded too familiar, too, and I just had to ask him if he happened to have bright red hair in early 00s. Because if he did, I had an uncomfortably large collection of magazines with his face on them in my parents’ attic. I’m not familiar with the Polish music scene as I’d collect the magazines for my US boybands poster needs but just by sheer amount of covers they’d been on, I’m assuming they are (or were) pretty big. 

    Turns out, it was him. We had a bit of a laugh about how none of us is getting any younger and I had a blast working on the project. Still warms my heart. 

    I also worked with a bunch of US comedians and musicians that I’d later see on youtube but I’m bad with remembering names. I hope they all get huge one day so I can show off, of course. 🙂 

    Great story!!

  4. 15 minutes ago, smashradio said:

    If by famous you mean a "well known company", I'd have to say eToro or NordVPN. 

    If by famous, you mean celebrity individual, then all I can say is that I've helped develop the nordic accent of a main cast member in the TV-series "Vikings" (but to protect the privacy of said individual I won't name him/her. 

    I can say that we're still in contact today, though, since we had a lot of fun developing the characters way of speaking/intonation. 

    I absolutely do! That's fantastic, well done!

  5. 55 minutes ago, theratypist said:

    Interesting idea, I can see how sales or discounts work well on physical/digital products but having them on online services may be something study a bit more about. So far I am liking the idea of the Seller coupons you can give to select buyers that is available for users on Seller Plus: https://www.fiverr.com/support/articles/360017987397-Seller-Coupons-?segment=seller

    Amazing! I actually didn't know this was a thing, I'll check this out!! Thanks very. much 😃

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  6. Here's a suggestion!

    I'd like to propose adding temporary discounts/offers on Gigs; allowing sellers to offer a chosen percentage discount (e.g. 5%) on a Gig for a set period of time (e.g. 1 week). 

    I've always found my sales to be either really high, or really low, usually dependent on the time of the month (e.g. around pay day). Therefore, there are likely to be periods where sellers aren't getting much work. For example, I'm sure that sellers on Fiverr as a whole receive less orders towards the end of the mont, before people typically have their pay day. 

    Therefore, by allowing sellers to offer promotional discounts for a limited time, this would drive more revenue through Fiverr - whilst making a seller's month more consistent.

    Whilst I'm aware you can simply edit a Gig - I have discovered that this is bad for impressions and this requires a manual change that has to be manually undone. 

    Let me know your thoughts!

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  7. As a seller - I totally get this frustration of buyers requesting many revisions, especially when the order scope clearly states '1 revision', but buyers are allowed to request unlimited.

    I feel like this may discriminate against buyers who may have requested very legitimate revisions, which could potentially be due to the sloppy work of a seller.

    I absolutely despise the idea of this statistic for sellers, because there is no option to decline revision requests without opening up a resolution centre option - therefore, I think it's a bit hypocritical of me to want it put in for buyers. 

    Also, I really doubt Fiverr will input this, as it would potentially decrease number of sales due to sellers turning down buyers with bad statistics (fair enough). 

    Great suggestion though, very unique!

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  8. On 7/22/2021 at 11:26 PM, felixvdg said:

    Hi guys and girls,

    I recently arrived on Fiverr to try and make a little bit of side money and to get some working experience. I'm currently a student in my 3rd year of a bachelor of sciences in International Business, with a specialisation in finance, and I am from Belgium. 

    As such, I wanted to open a gig to do some "intermediate" level kind of financial analysis and models. However when making my gig Fiverr asked me to declare that I have a have a proper licence to offer the services I want to offer. The thing is, now I'm not sure whether or not I actually need a licence. Can someone qualified help me with that?

    I intend(ed?) to be completely up-front about the fact that I have yet to graduate and about my competences.

    Thank you in advance,


    This is totally OK and is a great idea to pursue, Fiverr has a financial consultation section for Gigs - but of course you want to be totally transparent about everything.

    In your bio, Fiverr has the option to add your qualifications - and you can select the year that you will graduate. That way, everyone will know you're yet to graduate. Also, within your Gig, you have three photos and a video that you can upload - here you can explain that you're yet to graduate. You can also find tests to complete within Fiverr to prove your legitimacy - and these will then appear on your profile. As you haven't graduated, it would be worth doing this.

    I can't find any information for the requirements for financial services Gigs - but I'm very sure that they won't require you to be a graduate. If they do, you'll be contacted by customer service and the Gig may be taken down, so it's worth just clarifying this with customer service.

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  9. This discussion is so good!! I'm super surprised by the love for Windows OS - coming from someone who is absolutely hooked on Mac, after having Windows for most of my life. So great to hear how everyone is getting on - from using retro computers with relatively week hardware, to i9 processors!

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  10. Hi mate - I noticed no one has been able to help with this. Here's my best guess of what is happening:

    Fiverr previews for Gigs are 550 x 370 pixels, meaning your video has probably been shrunk to those dimensions - which would explain the boxy aspect ratio and low quality. This is unavoidable, unless you deliver in this aspect ratio, but I believe it will look different on different people's computers/browsers.

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  11. 1 hour ago, theratypist said:

    What can you say with regards to you experience between Mac and Dell? I just use Dell XPS 13. I have thought of going with Mac but I am so used to Windows 🙂 

    In my opinion, Mac is a far superior operating system - it's intuitive, fast and just works! I have found that Windows computers age much quicker - even simple things like right clicking often caused my computer to go to 'not responding' mode. 

    Mac is obviously more expensive. However, if you're doing well on Fiverr (I've seen your posts/advice on the forum, so I'm sure you're doing amazing!!) then it's WELL worth the investment. The way I look at it is like - a windows computer only lasted me 4 years and might cost around £500, whereas Macbooks/iMacs can last over 10 years - I bought an iMac for cheaper than my Dell (to replace my Dell), which was made in late 2012 (and it makes my Dell look like a 1900's microcomputer!). Over 10 years, it's actually cheaper to get it - and it made me so much more efficient!

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  12. 15 minutes ago, web_laab said:

    I do not have any fancy device. I use a old dell laptop. And I wish one day i will have a high configuration device.

    My Dell served me well! I still occasionally use it. I wish you all the best in pursuing a high configuration device. 🙂

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  13. 23 minutes ago, katakatica said:

    I use the Acer Rog Strix (the blue one because the black one looked somewhat scary). I don't actually need a gaming laptop for my orders but it comes in handy when I'm mad at a customer 😄

    (I just write in word and use twine to map out some of the stories, nothing too crazy)

    Ha ha!! Brilliant. Looks like a great laptop. Thanks for the comment!

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  14. Hey!

    What computer do you use to complete your Gig orders - and what software are you using?

    I think it would be really interesting to see what people use and how they're finding it! This is not an advert for any software or brand!! 😄

    For me: when I began in 2019, I used an old Dell laptop. I was lucky enough to invest my earnings in an iMac - and now Macbook Pro, which really improved my efficiency and delivery times! 

    What about you?🥰

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  15. 10 minutes ago, mdminhaz05 said:

    DO you know the right way? how to do it

    @catwriter makes some really good points!

    To promote your Gig without spamming on social media:

    1. Do put your Gig link in your bio.

    2. Do advertise your Gig by posting a tweet, story or post on any social media

    3. Don't post on other people's profiles, Don't message other people randomly and Don't comment/reply with your link underneath other people's posts.


    To promote your Gig within Fiverr - you can use the promoted Gigs option, however this is only open to certain sellers at the moment. More information here: https://www.fiverr.com/pages/promoted-gigs

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  16. 4 minutes ago, azimulhossan said:

    I shaired my gig in social media regularly  but I didn’t receive order.

    Also worth noting - sharing your Gig link on social media is worth doing. However, people on your social media following may not know about Fiverr - any very few people will actually need your service; social media isn't the first port of call for prospective buyers. Therefore, most of your clients will come direct to you, when they search Fiverr. It's worth advertising on social media - but it's not the most effective way. Instead, try Fiverr promoted Gigs.

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  17. Fiverr encourages you to promote your Gig on social media. 

    This means, Fiverr encourages you to post the hyperlink to your Gig on your Twitter, Instagram, TikTok etc... This is totally OK!

    However, you must do all communication through Fiverr. You should not encourage your Fiverr clients to contact you on social media for communication about orders/purchases - this should be kept on Fiverr. It's totally OK to chat to people on social media, or allow them to give you credit if they post your work on social media - but you should direct any prospective buyers/clients to your Fiverr Gig. 

    I hope this has provided an answer 🙂 

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