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  1. 5 hours ago, somencma said:

    Don't do this subject again in the forum. You may pray for yourself in silence in you residence. Don't share in here. Any one report to The forum Admin. you will be suspended.  

    ok i won't do this again . I thought i could share anything here !

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  2. 7 hours ago, uk1000 said:

    It shows the number of people who have pressed the "favourite" button on your gig.

    If you do that and Fiverr detects it you might get in trouble for trying to manipulate things because it wouldn't be people using that option because they actually were interested in the gig (eg. if there were suddenly 1000s of favourites on a gig Fiverr would probably know). Fiverr has never said it's used in ranking gigs either as far as I know. So while it could be, we've no proof either way. So you shoudln't do any favourite exchanges as you might get in trouble with Fiverr.

    ohh ok i got it . thanks for your information .

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  3. 11 minutes ago, sayedcsee said:

    Many people like your gig and save it, They will be on the favorites list. The gig that favorites the most buyers will rank the gig, it's a part of the rank. Must be an organic favorite

    I have seen so many people exchanging favourite on facebook . If i do this , is there any chance to rank my gig on top ? 

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