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  1. yeah. my bad. haha. we talk and discuss more in our messenger so i don't notice about time. after all, my client still rate 5 stars for all. but my “delivered on time” statistics is lower. so it's make me some sad. i have to notice more about something like this in fiverr
  2. Thank you so much, my deliver bar is lower after that order, because i and my client discuss more in messenger before deliver. Hope that isn't a bad thing for my work in fiverr.
  3. like my tittle, in my last order, i and my buyer have some revision and i deliver order with a little late. that's good when we're understand our situation and he still rate me 5 stars for all. but could i meet any trouble with working in fiverr?
  4. Good morning, everybody. I have 1 question here: i'm an architect and my wife is an artist. Both of us want to work in fiverr. But we want to have different account because of different work. But could we using 2 different account in the same IP address? Is it illegal in fiverr? Thank you and regards, Kann
  5. Thanks for your idea. in my opinion, that's easy to talk but hard to do, i'm always focus to quality of work, because if i don't do my best in any order, my skill are getting worse. i don't have more client in Fiverr, just 2, but this is 2 different kind of client in my story, 1 focus to my quality of work and agree with my high price to get something best, but another not really care about that, he need something good enough for his lower budget, that make me have to do a work with lower quality, lower than what i can do. i believe that work still a good work, just not good enough to put into portfolio, and if other client see that work, they can think: his skill is just like that. That's bad scenario. Both of them are good clients, nice to work with them. but they make me think more about what i should to work. Because i see most of client in fiverr focus more to lower price. So if we focus to money (that's what we always do), we can make client think not exactly about what we can do? Maybe i have a wrong question in my tittle. Thank you, Regards, Kann
  6. Good morning, everybody. Like my tittle, i have a question about pricing in Fiverr: should we set our price cheap with lower quality of work or focus on our quality and set a high price? Fiverr now support to seller can set high price. but could we have enough buyer ready for that? Thanks for notice, Regards, Kann
  7. thank you so much! Best wishes for you, too.
  8. Congratulations! that's good when you can keep your spirit after 2.5 month. You'll archive more
  9. Hello, everybody. I'm Kann. you can call me as a new guy in Fiverr. i used to work like a freelancer designer in Fiverr from 2014. But i had to stop my gigs after few years, to spent my time for finish my study in University. Now i comeback. But i see a Fiverr totally new, really different with my old time. And i want to try something new, too. So i make 2 new gigs with 3D render and landscape design. not designer. Hope i can get clients like before, ha ha. Thanks for reading, Regards
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