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  1. Your are so lucky and your works have great quality no doubt
  2. Do gig marketing impression and click will increase automatically
  3. Very sad keep patients and do gig marketing
  4. Great tips I think It will work. So that I will try it for gig marketing
  5. What you will do I don't on this situation but keep patients and Mind it King does not do wrong ,He is always perfect
  6. I think it's mean try to stay online as much as possible you can
  7. I think You do research More and More on Fiverr gig creation after gig creation wait some days to see It is improve or not then edit again
  8. Hi everybody, I am a new seller in Fiverr .I send buyer request regularly but not getting any response from buyer. I am confused about that Is anybody don't see my request? or they ignore me
  9. Tell your buyer to increase time limit and try hard to do the job
  10. Welcome to Fiverr World! Send buyer request at least 10 if possible .Do gig marketing on social media
  11. You have told about social medias but not how to share on this sites. If you share how we can share gigs on social media It will be better for us
  12. I you are right but I don't get any order yet
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