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  1. One client contacted me to design a Shopify website for him. He gives me an xd file and told me to design his website the same as the xd file. I have already done it. He doesn't have ready content for his website. I don't know that content on the xd file is just a demo. When I am going to deliver this order he is telling me he wants to write content it will take some time. But my delivery time is running out. I told him to purchase another service because you don’t tell me that the content is a demo. You told me to duplicate XD file. Order status is already completed. After someday, he came to me again and telling me to change the content for him. I agreed to change content only. Later he is telling me that He wants to redesign the website as it’s not looking good to him He gives me an updated xd file. He wants to redesign it. I told him to purchase a new service again as we have already completed this order. I already followed your previous xd file. He is telling me to do this work otherwise he will report my account on Fiverr. My question is why should I redesign it after the order is completed. I have followed the xd file. Why did he send me this xd file if he doesn’t like it? Is it my fault? Why is he threatening me to report my order on Fiverr? What should I do in this situation?
  2. yes its best to use fiverr normally. I always refresh fiverr apps from my phone when ever i needed.
  3. For the first time getting order is much difficult. Keep send buyer request. After successfully done 2-3 order you will get client organically.
  4. There Are 2 Types Of Changes on your gig. One Is Minor changes. Another one is Big changes. You can make minor changes. Suppose you want to change the description, image, and tags. Don’t do this. It’s a significant change in your gigs. You can follow this: First-day change description Second Day Change Image The third day Change Tags. Also, try to change it when you have a queue order. If rank falls, you can come in position again because of your order. I hope it will help you.
  5. 1 ALL IN ONE SEO FOR WORDPRESS All in One SEO is that the best SEO plugin for WooCommerce stores on the market. utilized by over 2+ million users, it's the foremost comprehensive SEO toolkit that helps you improve your search rankings while not learning SEO. 2 MONSTERINSIGHTS MonsterInsights is that the best Google Analytics plugin for WooCommerce stores. It comes with increased eCommerce following that permits you to simply track eCommerce information in Google Analytics reports. 3 ADVANCED COUPONS Advanced Coupons is that the best WooCommerce coupon code plugin on the market. It extends the restricted WooCommerce coupon practicality and permits you to make higher coupon offers. 4 SEEDPROD SeedProd is that the best WordPress page builder plugin on the market with inbuilt support for WooCommerce. 5 UNCANNY AUTOMATOR Uncanny Automator is that the best WordPress automation plugin that permits your WordPress plugins to speak to every alternative. as an example, you'll be able to use it to mechanically produce a replacement client account once somebody submits a contact kind on your website. For Any quarry, you'll be able to contact me: https://www.fiverr.com/share/EEQ18D thanks
  6. OMG 200 Days! My order still showing late delivery 😞
  7. I love This Forum. Everyone is very helpful.
  8. Congratulation on your first order. Don’t lose hope. Keep Send buyer requests. I got my Second Order after 6 days of completing my first order. Do your Work Properly. Ask your client if he need help with anything else. Best Of Luck
  9. For WordPress First ask your Client if He bought Domain and hosting or not. If Not Tell them to buy it. You can set up it easily. First Buy Domain and Hosting. Connect domain with your hosting using name service Now go to Cpanel And Search For softaculous. You can set up WordPress using softaculous in a click. Also, You can install SSL using the plugin. Thanks.
  10. Congratulations Brother! Wishing you a happy freelancing life. Stay With Fiverr. Also, Keep sharing Some Tips you applied to your Fiverr carrier to impress clients. 😃
  11. Recently One Buyer Place an Order without Asking Me. He didn't give me all requirements I need. I asked him many times “what’s your total budget for the Twitter ads campaign and how long you want to run ads?” but he never responded. Order Time Is running Out so I delivered this order. After 3 days buyer came and ask for revision he said “ I will let you know when I need a Twitter ads campaign” Actually he also doesn’t even know when he needs twitter ads. On My Account, It’s Already Showing 6 days Late. I request for a time extended but the buyer not even responding to my text also not extending my time. So My Question is: Will it impact my Fiverr account? How can I solve this issue?
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