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  1. Thank you for new updates feature, Fiverr is great platform where can people earn and learn 🙂
  2. Daily Getting 200 IMPRESSIONS and 4 or 5 clicks on the gig, It is normal, or need to work on the gig more? not getting any order from gig!!!
  3. He is using that thing from 2017, Fiverr didn't caught yet 🤣 ! WHAT A CHEAP PALTFORM Shame. Who cares.
  4. 13 days started One order completed with 5 star review 😊
  5. it's hurts when you delivery the order with best quality but clients never understand - Sad for you 😞
  6. Keep patience and faith 💔😊
  7. Many People used that Level Seller two and one. and there is a another prove one of my close friend he is level two seller he used the same google extensions for auto refresh, @rabiul2222 Abir chowdhury can be a newbie on fiverr. we cannot reported new people to leave fiverr forever. don't be toxic CHILL 🤣😂 @abir10chowdhury don't used bro it is unauthentic. it will harmful for you account 🙂
  8. Alhamdulillah ❤️ I will pray to Allah for you ❤️
  9. it's a good advice but if you work hard and your delivery work is quality very well then you deserve 5 star 🙂, There is one thing more fiverr cares about buyers.
  10. it's hard to getting first order when i was beginner! There many hard working like 24/7 hours active and regulary sent buyers request, and ranking up your gig on first page etc etc many thing you need to do 🙂 Hope you understand 🙂
  11. First you need to check something like 🙂 - Is your gig description is Trustworthy ? - Is your gig image and video are eyecatching ? - Did you upload PDF on your gig ? - Sent buyer request regulary 10/10 ?
  12. - First you need to rank up your gig - Try to active always like 24/7 Hours - Send buyer request regulary but as a new seller, buyers always want a expricence guy ! - Try to Image SEO and rank up your gig in a first place or first page Follow these simple steps and you will get successs from fiverr 🙂
  13. Congrats and I wish you reach your goal soon. ❤️
  14. You need to wait couple more hour 😊
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