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  1. Hey! I'm a level 2 seller on Fiverr. I'm going on a vacation and I've set unavailability for a few months. I wanted to know does it affect the level superiority in anyway? If yes, is there any better way to keep things smooth? Thanks.
  2. Yes, It depends on the gig and its type… Moreover, it depends on the time when Fiverr algorithm release them after review…if you are a new seller they’ll come at a time and then vanish after sometime… But if you’re Level 1 or 2 then the requests stay longer unless the buyer deletes it… I’ve observed that they’re less on the weekends and more on the weekdays..! The key is to keep looking and be patient…
  3. I adore Fiverr platform. This is where I began my freelancing career. I wouldn’t leave it… But I don’t think there is any harm trying out other platforms… 🙂 I must say Fiverr is better than any other platform That I’ve tried so far…
  4. Welcome to Fiver forum... Fiverr forum is like a place where you share your opinions, problems, updates, experiences or any other meaningful information with Fiverr community. Or have random conversation that could benefit people and gain valuable insights...
  5. Congratulations Dear ❤️ @jannat2205 I'm sending out bundles of joy and wishes towards you... I believe that hard work always pays you fortunes... 🤩
  6. They can take as many as they like. It is one of their rights to get delivered what they actually want. I think its good to have buyer asks for revision than giving a bad rating or review... 🙂
  7. I'm so glad to share this news that my ID just got verified... 🙂 I did it twice before in past 2 days of not being sure if it actually worked. I just got through the verification process again for the third time now and got the immediate response that my ID was verified. I'm not sure if it is related to the process but I used the method 'Get Link through Text'. Thanks @seven_sign for your response and giving me hope to be patient with the verification process. And, @seolink_traffic please be patient with it and try verifying it again after 2-3 days. I hope you get it verified soon... Cheers.
  8. Hi, I don't think there is any problem with your account or Fiverr. It just the matter of time. In my observations, Fiverr Buyer Requests come at different times. It is based on the Fiver algorithms to release those requests after review. Mostly, they are quite less on the weekends and more on the working days. And, If you are a new seller then Buyer Requests don't stay much longer, they come and then vanish after sometime. But, if you are Level 1 or Level 2 they are available until the buyer deletes them from his/her end...
  9. I haven't yet got verified. I'm going to be patient about it at lease for a week then see what happens... Just hoping to get it verified soon successfully. That is my question here, which @seven_sign has answered according to his own process. And I'm grateful that he answered it.
  10. Same is the case with me. That is why I came to the forum to get an idea about how long will it take... I'm just worried because it will only be asked once (as it is written in the Fiverr Help Forum). I hope to get response soon...
  11. Hey, I've many good experiences on Fiverr since the start of my journey here. I have met such an amazing people here from across the world. Its has been an honor to work with such amazing people. I strongly believe that having an honest, trustworthy, collaborative and friendly attitude between a buyer and seller is a key to have a successful career as a freelancer. This is what that makes this platform special. I would love to hear your order stories. Looking forward to read them 🙂
  12. Hello! My name is Nabiha and I'm a Level 2 seller on Fiverr. I've recently got the notification to verify my ID. As it says "Please verify your ID within 14 Days to continue offering or buying services on Fiverr." I've submitted the ID and waiting on the reply. Does anyone here have idea, how long it will take to verify the account?
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