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  1. Md Minhaz, First of all you can target your skilled related person. Than send friend request or follow request. and keep post with attractive image. Hopefully you can find solution.
  2. Please do this again or try to another browser, hopefully you can find it, Thank you
  3. Hi, Rina sultana Gig impression is most important issue. But you have to thinking how you can increase it. First of all, Create account Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram like this social platform, than create a post using a attractive image don't forget to add gig link address to post. I just share you only one way.
  4. I just suggest him, i am not mention which is Mandatory or not. As a new seller must be hard working is necessity. So i say up to 20 not fixed 20 hours. please try to understand emotion of my message.
  5. Hey ! First of all you have to understand about Seo system. If you don't know i request you please find bolg, watch video Seo related. Now go to our point, How can i seo my gig title ? Firstly, you can't find gig title seo system. When you completed 1st stage for create your gig, than just reload your browser or click back. Than you find Gig title seo system, only 50 character allow to fill-up this box. Just put your main keyword beside a meaningful sentence and save it. I try to share this helpful topic, hope you will get more order from fiverr. Thank you
  6. As a new at fiverr, you must be active in fiverr forum. Always marketing your gig. You must be thinking your gig like a product. Must be send buyer request and try to active up to 20 hours
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