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  1. Your journey is really motivating for the newbies like us
  2. Hope you will achieve more with your this spirit
  3. It will be increased in next few days
  4. Start promoting your orders .If possible try to make sue to have good and detailed review from the client
  5. Try to give test that matches your skill on fiverr
  6. Congratulation and please share your journey experience with Us
  7. its better to open a new account publish the gigs after closing the previous one as you did not publish any
  8. try to be more specific about your skill and the buyer's need and try to write bullet points
  9. You should start posting buyer request soon you can also do social media marketing as it also helps try to be more active on fiverr
  10. you should post buyer request regularly
  11. Thanks a lot for this very clean and detailed post
  12. I think you should cancel it if it is not your first order
  13. Congratulation Can you share you journey and experience through out the way with us ? So that the newbies like us get motivations
  14. Gig should be with minimal details Try to provide clean banner so that buyer get to know what is your gig is for Gig title should be clear
  15. The point is your interest of work is important. If you are good at anything that you like you will get success. Do what you love and love what you do.
  16. Please take support from Fiverr.They will help you to get rid of it
  17. It means fiverr dont allow people who us below 13 years old
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