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  1. Yes you can but be aware of using logo
  2. How you recruit new seller? How you treat them and What is your opinion about Us?
  3. Can anyone suggest me how to write eye catchy gig title to get more order.
  4. How write meaningful FAQ for Different gig? I have seen that many people write same FAQ for different gig. I am also confused to write different FAQ
  5. You can do it on fiverr but do not go out of fiverr. Tell him to order on fiverr and then start working. Be ware of this kind of buyer
  6. How many days you are waiting for it? Please keep calm and Go for marketing on social media. Hope it will works for you. Thanks Sandra
  7. Can we (seller) offer to customer black Friday discount for better experience on fiverr? It will be better if we arrange a button for it. What you think?
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