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  1. Congratulations. Keep it up!
  2. I haven't face this issue. All buyer requests shown on my side are either recent or a day old.
  3. its a 3 year old thread, you don't have to reply to this anymore. Thanks
  4. Did you get any warnings before your account got inactive?
  5. I have read several posts that stated that Fiverr support tends to lean on the buyers more often, even though the sellers were completely innocent, and it was the buyer who did something wrong.
  6. Crap..How did you find out about this? The buyer sent you the link of these websites or told you to make something similar?
  7. This feature is actually really nice. Fiverr should ask more details from the buyers before the post a request.
  8. Why would they do this? This will only cause more problem for them. The sellers might leave, causing this platform to go down
  9. Personally I have no experience with Fiverr seller support as of yet. But there are people who says Fiverr supports tends to lean on the Buyers more than the sellers. You can search the forum for similar post stating the issues sellers have with fiverr support.
  10. Do you share in your main / personal Facebook profile? or In facebook groups?
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